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First of all apologies for the  absence this past week, things have gone a little bit haywire over here and have had a knock on effect with regard to finding the time and energy to get anything drafted let along published on my blog. Hopefully we have turned a corner and I should be back with you on a regular basis very soon.

Anyway, I’m very late with this week’s Confessions of a Plannerholic post in part because it almost had me stumped before I started as I’m a very basic planner and not fully versed in the whole planner world.  Initially I was just going to do a list of things you could plan/track, however I decided this was too easy and would not be so easily defeated so after a lot of thought I have finally got my list.

America – they always seem to have a better selection of supplies for planning than the UK.

Bullet journal – my preferred way to plan.

Creative journal – one of my favourite journals at the minute which houses my art journal and book journal. I’m currently looking to see what else I can add.

DIY Fish – my latest insert purchase. I have used them before and I loved them, however this time around they’re just not working for me.

Etsy – the best place to find planner supplies such as stickers, insert, dashboards etc.

Filofax Malden – this is currently on my wishlist and hopefully if I’m good Santa may be forthcoming. The only problem is I can’t decide between the ochre or the purple.

Getting Things Done – this applies both to the book by David Allen and the fact that without my planner to help me there is no way I would be able to get anything done

Hacks – every good planner knows of one or two hacks that can be used to make your life easier, if you don’t there is always someone in the planner community that can help.

Instagram – some of the photos that can be found here are like porn to plannerholics – here are a small selection of my recent favourites

Journals/Journalling – there are lots of ways to use planners and journaling is one such way.

Kikki-K – another big name in the world of planners/planning but one I have yet to have first-hand experience of. I’m still a relative novice when it comes to ring bound planners.

Lyra and Co – My go to Etsy store for all things fabric/planner related. I love her products.

Money (or maybe that should be lack of) because once you become a plannerholic your money will be unable to stay with you for long due to the call of the planners and all things planner related, which leads me nicely onto my next letter.

No spend – many plannerholics have tried (and failed) at no spend weeks/months. Personally I don’t like failing so have never attempted one.

Organised – every planner wants to be organised, however sometimes it doesn’t always go to plan

Paperchase – I love browsing around the products here, although for me personally their collections can be a little hit and miss. That said I’m currently loving their Gothic Garden range.

Questions – every newbie to the planner community invariably has lots of questions and there are loads of groups, blogs, vlogs out there to answer them

Rings – rings or no rings is one of the biggest decisions a planner can make, closely followed by the brand. Personally I use both but I think my preference is no rings at the minute

Stickers – with so many amazing Etsy shops it’s hard to say no to stickers in your planner. It is, however, very hard to decide which ones to choose.

Travelers Notebooks – this is the collective name for one of the more recent additions to the planner world and is a cover with several books inside. This type of planner speaks to me because you can have all your things together while at the same time keeping them separate.

UglyDori – a new creation from Michelle at UglyBugDoes. I’m currently trying to justify to myself why I need one.

Van der Speck – this is a new name for me in planners but in the interest of this post I have done a bit of research and they look gorgeous.

Washi tape – like stickers, if you like decorating your planners, washi is your friend.

X-rated, no not the planners but some of the conversations had by the planner ladies on some of the Facebook groups.

You Tube – there are some fabulous planner tutorials and flip throughs as well as inspiration for every kind of planner

Zen – that long awaited feeling you get when you have reached planner peace. Personally I’ve yet to reach that state and if/when I do I fear it won’t last as the planning world is an extremely fickle place and there is always something new and exciting just waiting to pull on the purse strings.

Well guys, I made it to the end and didn’t have to cheat (much). Hope you enjoyed reading it and be sure to check out the other awesome ladies and their blogs/vlogs via links below

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Debbie x

2 thoughts on “An A-Z of Planning – Confessions of a Plannerholic

  1. Hi! I’ve just discovered your blog and it’s really a nice blog!!! 🙂
    I found this post really useful (and I love bullet journal too! I’m in love with it, but I’ll soon try to put it in a fauxdori… but I am not so sure yet!).
    Thanks for the informations! 🙂

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