My New Planner Baby

In my earlier post I mentioned about perusing Etsy prior to Christmas in order to spend some of my Christmas money, which I did on a subscription box from Ugly Bug Plans. I also purchased one of the gorgeous leather Uglydori Travellers Notebooks.

I had been coveting them up since their launch in October of last year but for one reason or another the time just wasn’t right, until now.

I spent a good hour or so considering the size and colours I wanted but finally decided on a regular in First Kiss (purple) on the outside and Skyscraper (grey) on the inside. I also choose grey elastics and stitching.

She arrived on Wednesday with my subscription box and I immediately fell in love. The smell of the leather, the feel of the leather, the colours, the workmanship – everything is amazing.

I haven’t really had much time to get her fully set up yet but I’m happy to share some photos of her in all her naked loveliness.

Once I have finalised my set up and added all my notebooks I’ll be back with a detailed set up post.

I’m now eagerly anticipating the shop relaunch on Monday at 9am as Michelle has been teasing everyone with some new products and four variations of the Uglydori. I might be tempted to place another order in time for my birthday!

If you want to have a look for yourselves then pop over to the shop in the morning.

Debbie x


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