My KonMari Journey – Week 1: Getting Prepared

So I’ve started my third attempt of decluttering using the Marie Kondo’s life-changing (her words, not mine) system of tidying up.

My first week focused on prep work – setting up a donation station, re-reading the book, catching up on laundry and sorting/putting away all the Christmas paraphernalia and documenting my vision statement.

So how have I fared, well there are still several boxes of Christmas decorations at the bottom of the stairs waiting for my OH to put them away, however they have been KM’d and anything we no longer wanted has been discarded/donated.

The laundry isn’t totally caught up with, but in my defence I know that everything of mine and the kids that is in the laundry sparks joy. Having been through this process already one thing I have taken from previous attempts is that if something doesn’t spark joy then it goes there and then (or after it’s been washed usually). My OH and my eldest are excluded from this category as they are old enough to KonMari their own stuff if they so choose (they did it last time around and were quite impressed, although my OH does still have around 50 t-shirts in his wardrobe!!)

Next up I had a quick re-read of the book to familiarise myself with the process again before finally reviewing my vision statement and updating it to reflect my current goals. I also spent a bit of time reflecting on my past efforts and why they might not have provided the outcome I had hoped for. I finally came to the conclusion that I didn’t get rid of quite as much as I should have done in my previous attempts, in part due to the fact that we would have all been sitting on the floor.

I’ve also realised that completing the process doesn’t stop clutter from finding its way back in afterwards and to be honest  I feel that this is a big part of why my home doesn’t quite spark joy. That said I have noticed a bit of a shift in my thinking when it comes to buying certain things and I do find getting rid of things a lot easier so hopefully I’m on the right path.

So that was my first week completed, next week we get started on the hard bit – getting rid of stuff – so please pop back to see how I’ve been getting along with my first category of clothes.

Until next time

Debbie x

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