Kon Mari – Week 3: Kids Clothes

This week on our Kon Mari schedule we’re tackling the kids clothes.

As my kids are 5 and nearly 3 respectively I asked them to help. I didn’t expect too much from them and was ready for them to disappear half way through but that was fine.

Corey’s Room

I started with my son’s wardrobe and he helped me pull out all this clothes. We sorted them into piles to help the process and made a start.

Corey’s clothes

We began with his PJ’s and went from 7 pairs to 3. Hoodies and coats and went from 6 to 3 (some of the discards still had tags on)

Coats and Hoodies

He reduced his jumpers and sweatshirts from 8 to 5 and t-shirts went down to 23 from 29 (he definitely takes after his dad with this!)

Sweaters and Jumpers

He got as far as going through his jeans/shorts, which went from 18 to 15, before getting bored and wandering off to play.

Jeans and Joggers

I finished off his underwear, folded it all and put everything back in his wardrobe before bagging up the discarded clothes.

Anya’s Room

Next up was his sister’s room. From the outset she decided she didn’t want to help so I set to work on my own.

Anya’s Clothes

We got rid of 11 tops, 5 dresses, 1 pair of leggings, 2 coats and 11 pairs of pj’s. Her wardrobe is still fit to burst but at least she can see everything now and it all fits.

Anya’s Discard Pile

All in all it was quite a productive day and it’s a lot easier to see what they both have and where they have gaps. This will make it easier when shopping for them in future.

Next week we are working on books. Wish me look as both me and the kids are serious bookworms.

Thanks for reading, until next time

Debbie x

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