Kon Mari – Week 4: Books

As a complete bookworm I was a unsure how I would get on with this category the second time around. In my first sweep I did manage to get rid of quite a few old reference/non-fiction books and some paperbacks from my mum.

It also made me reconsider my purchasing of books. I didn’t stop, I just purchased books for my kindle instead of paperbacks, however I missed the feel of a good paperback so a few more have crept into the house since the first attempt and I’m completely happy with that. Most of the time they get passed on when they’ve been read so they’re not creating too much clutter.

Kids Books

Like me, the kids are total bookworms. I decided it best to tackle their books first while they were out.

I’ll be honest and say that I didn’t count them before I started going through them but can confirm that 40 books left the house. Some went to charity, some to school and a couple found their way to my mums for when the kids visit.

With the exception of some seasonal books, the rest found their way back to the relevant bookcases. The seasonal books will be rotated into circulation at the appropriate time.

My Books

I started this time with 81 books from my bookshelves and over 300 on my kindle!

I thought I would find it quite difficult to work through my books. However, I found that since most of the books made me happy I was able to whizz through them quite quickly.

There were two books that I loved from my childhood which were definite keepers and several that I have still to read so they stayed. That said I did manage to part with 5 books. This may not seem like many but since my first round I try to follow the one in, one out rule where possible.

I deleted 30 books from my Kindle. I may be able to remove more once I have organised them better.


Overall this category didn’t take me quite as long as expected, mainly because books make me and my family happy.

I have also found that on the whole I tend to purchase kindle books over paperbacks. This is helping to reduce the clutter around the house. I also try to pass on books that I have read to make way for new ones.

Thanks for reading, until next time.

Debbie x


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