Budget Craft Ideas

Being a crafting addict can sometimes be an expensive hobby, they weeks the girls in the Planner Girls Collective will be sharing with you some their budget ideas/supplies for crafting and the like.


One of my first suggestions when it comes to crafting/planning on a budget is to check our Pinterest, there are hundreds of ideas on their from painting with toilet rolls to using washi tape on everything. You’ll also find plenty of free planner printables here. However, be warned, if you have never visited Pinterest before, be prepared to lose an hour or so of your life while you find more things that you need/want to do than you will ever have time for.


When it comes to supplies you can’t beat a visit to the local DIY store. I pick up wallpaper samples for covering my TN notebooks and also making dashboard. I have also used them to make dividers.

Colour swatches are also good to pick up. I’ve used them in both my my creative journal and also in my planners.

I also keep a few random pieces of wrapping paper, tissue paper as you never know when they might come in handy.

Cheap scrapbook paper can be found in Poundland and The Works.







Although it is possible to pick some up from the most unusual of places. Here’s a couple of pads I came across at local children’s attraction for 50p each!

Washi Tape

Another item that no craft/stationery addict should be without it washi tape. You can find endless uses for this fabulous product. It can be used it decorate your planner pages (obviously) but it can also be used to cover mistakes.

You can use it to make bookmarks, bunting, wall art and the best thing is you can pick up rolls of tape from as little at £1 from Poundland and Hobbycraft.

Hobbycraft £1 washi tape

Other Ideas

Decorative paperclips are also easy to make and you can pick up the necessary items in your local pound shop. I made this one using a piece of ribbon from a subscription box and a paperclip I found lying around at home.


It’s safe to say that you can find plenty of supplies on a budget if you look.

The rest of the Planner Girls Collective have loads more ideas for you, so why don’t you head over and check out their suggestions.

Thanks for reading, until next time

Debbie x

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