I couldn’t live without …

The Planner Girls Collective are discussing what they can’t live without this week Obviously since we are ‘all about the planners’ chances are there will be a lot of planner related items but don’t be surprised if a few non-planner related items pop up.

I’ve got to admit I have struggled a little bit with this question as there are a lot of things that, given the choice, I wouldn’t want to give up, however if I had to I could probably live without them as they make my life easier/more fun.

I thought I’d ask my OH what he thought (silly idea), his answer was air!! So off I went back to my little corner to have a long hard think and here’s what I finally decided on.

  1. My phone – I’m a little sad to say that my phone is pretty much an extension of me. It keeps me in touch with family and friends, both real life and virtual. It allows me to keep notes while out and about, check things out on the internet, stops me from getting lost, reminds me about things – I really would be lost without it.
  2. My family – they drive me crazy sometimes but I really wouldn’t like to be without them for very long (although I’d happily take a weekend away without any of them once in a while)
  3. My regularly used planners – I can’t pick a particular one and say that’s the one as I love them all equally and they all have their own uses and help keep me sane.
  4. A good selection of pens – what use is a planner without something to write with, yes I could have said a pencil but that would soon get boring.
  5. Books/Kindle – I need to have at least one book to keep me from going completely crazy. Reading is my daily dose of self care.
  6. Tea – while most people need coffee to get going on a morning I most definitely will not function without at least one cup of hot tea. Any mums out there will relate to the fact that most of the time your hot drinks tend to be lukewarm at best by the time you get around to drinking so I make it my mission to have a hot drink first thing on a morning.

What things could you not live without?

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Thanks for reading, until next time.

Debbie x

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