My Planner Spring Bucket List

The weather is beginning to warm up slightly and the rain is still here so that can only mean one thing. Spring has sprung and as every good planner knows that means its time for a seasonal bucket list and the Planner Girls Collective are no different.

I love a good bucket list (as you will see over the course of this week) and Spring always makes me feel like making a fresh start. They allow me the chance to refocus my attentions and give me time to adjust my course should I have begun to stray (which I invariably do on a regular basis). So without further ado here is my planner bucket list for Spring

  1. Get back on track with my planner/planning routine. Things have be a little bit crazy around here at the minute. This has resulted in my planning routine suffering. I really need to get myself back on track before everything gets completely out of hand.
  2. Organise my planner and crafting supplies. Earlier in the year I bought a Raksog cart from Ikea to use to organise my planner supplies. However I have just randomly thrown everything in and it’s looking messy and disorganised and I can’t find anything. I really need to declutter my supplies and organise them better.
  3. Set up my new Filofax Pennybridge. For Mother’s Day my kids bought me a gorgeous purple Filofax Pennybridge after hearing me complaining about my current purse and raving about how I could organise my cards/vouchers etc (they do listen after all!!). I need to give a little thought about how I want to use it but I really want to get it all set up asap.
  4. Get up to date with my memory planning. I’ve had a couple of big events happen already this year and I really want to record them in my memory planner. All I need to do now is decide if my current journal/diary will work for me.
  5. Find a home for my Cricut machine so I can use it. My OH bought me the machine for my birthday back in February but due to lack of space it’s still in the box. I really need to find a home for it as I’m desperate to start using it.

I’m sure that with a bit of a kick and a lot of motivation I can get all this completed in time to enjoy the summer.

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Thanks for reading, until next time

Debbie x

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