My Top 5 Planner Hacks

This week the other girls and I are sharing with you our favourite planner hacks.

What’s a planner hack?

While most of you are fully aware of what we mean by a planner hack, there may be a few newbies out there who have no idea what we are talking about. Let me explain. A hack is basically anything that you do to customise things (in this case your planner) to make it work for you.

As you are probably aware everyone has different needs and requirements when it comes to their planners so the everyday shop bought items very rarely cut the mustard. So what is a girl to do? They adopt a few hacks to make their planners exactly what they want.

I’m not using many hacks at the minute within my planner and that may explain why I’m not using it as much as I should so I will be reading with interest the other posts in the series.

My Planner Hacks

In the meantime, here are a few of my favourite planner hacks and how I use them

Colour Coding

I use colour in several different ways within my planners. I have a separate colour for each member of my family together with different one for household, finances and cars. In the past I have used different colours for lots of other categories but stopped using this when I changed my planner set up.

I use the colours in different ways depending on my planner set up. In my bullet journal I used highlighters to mark out the months along the bottom of the pages.

I also used colour coding along the edges to mark out specific pages relating to the same topic.

Tip In Pages

This links in quite well with the colour coding mentioned above. When you are using lots of colours, it can sometimes be hard to remember what they all relate to. Cue the tip in page. This is a small piece of paper which is taped to the inside back (or front) cover of your planner/bullet journal and can be opened out when needed.

Again, I use a few different versions of these, They are extremely useful when first starting out with a bullet journal.

Washi Tape

Have I mentioned how much I love washi tape. It’sso versatile and I find it indispensable when it comes to my planners. I use it to mark specific pages such as the beginning of a new month. I also use it to decorate my pages.


Stickers are another hack that help save time. I mean if you are writing the same thing day in day out it’s going to get extremely tedious. This is where my stickers come in. I love functional stickers such as these syn tracker ones from The Geeky Planner.

Again, I also like using stickers to pretty up my pages too.

Post It Notes

Some pages are made for post it notes, for example a things to buy spread. It makes complete sense to me to add various post is notes to these pages so that when you are ready to go shopping you can just pull out the relevant post it note and off you go.

It also helps when you need to send someone else to the shops on your behalf as I’m not sure about you, but there is no way my planner is leaving the house with someone else!!!

Well that’s it for my planner hacks. What hacks do you use in your planners?

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Thanks for reading, until next time

Debbie x


The Week Ahead – 17.04.17 to 23.04.17

It’s Sunday and I’m looking at the week ahead with another weekly spread. I’ll be honest with you and say that I’m not really using my planner as much as I should. This has meant productivity and organisation has been suffering too.

I’ll be reviewing my planner set up over the next week or so and making some improvements. Hopefully I can be more productive in May .

In the meantime here is this week’s pages in my week on 1 page with notes Travelers Notebook from Travelers Times on Etsy.

I am using the stickers I received from LGD Designs on Facebook which were part of the TSG BookClub Box.

Sample stickers from LGD Designs on Facebook

I love the colours. They are just right for brightening up a rainy day (which is exactly what the weather is doing as I write).

I also managed to find some pink and lilac washi tapes which coordinated perfectly with the stickers.


So there it is, another week decorated and ready for the details to be added.

Do you decorate your planners? Are you a functional planner with white space or do you prefer to cover your full page?

Thanks for reading, until next time.

Debbie x

Mrs Brimbles Box – April 2017

My first ever Mrs Brimbles Box arrived earlier in the week and if I didn’t know better I’d think it was made specifically for me.

This month’s theme was Book and Planner Nerds and it sums me up perfectly.

In the standard box you will find
  • 4 x 12×12 scrapbook paper – 2 designs, double sided
  • 1 x 12×12 journal card
  • 1 x decorative stickers – Book & Planner Nerds
  • 1 x planner stickers
  • 1 x decorative stickers – Nerd animals
  • 1 x A6 stamp set
  • 1 x pack of 15 tabs
  • 1 x pack of ribbon embellishments

As I chose the Big Box I also received some magnetic clips and some pens.

I absolutely adore everything in the box and will definitely be ordering future boxes. I love Mrs Brimbles designs all the characters/images herself.

Starting with the scrapbook paper, there are four sheets in total. Each side has a different design – there is a book one, a floral one, a stripy one and a scribble design one. I love them all and the colours are gorgeous.

I haven’t decided exactly what I’m going to do with them yet but I’m sure I’ll be sharing with you once I finally make up my mind.

Next up we have some journalling cards. There are a total of 11 journaling cards on a 12 x 12 sheet all of which complement the theme beautifully.

The stamp set is perfect and I’m pretty sure that I will be using every one of them at some point in my planners/journals etc.

I’d like to use them on the tabs that were included but I need to pluck up enough courage to give it a go.

My favourite items from this months box have to be the stickers. I love the geeky girls and animals. I’m pretty sure they will be making an appearance in my planner very soon.

Finally from the standard box we have the little embellishments. Mine are pink and purple bows some of which will be getting made into paperclips.

Additional Items

The Big Box contains a few additional items. This month they were a set of six magnetic page markers from My Prima Planner and a set of MAMBI pens from Create 365.


The Week Ahead – 03.04.17 to 09.04.17

I’m sharing with you my week ahead with you today. Hopefully this will be a regular thing that will be carrying it on over the coming weeks.

I’m hoping that by doing this it will make me look at my planner regularly as I have fallen out with it a little of late. And let me tell you that is not a good thing when you have so much going on so I really need to make up with it to ensure I don’t completely lose the plot.

This is something that is quite new to me. I’ve decorated pages in the past but not on a regular basis. I love looking at everyone else’s weekly pages and how they decorate their pages and have decided to go for it.

My current everyday planner is a week on 1 page with notes Travelers Notebook from Travelers Times on Etsy.

Anyway, I’ve waffled on enough, here’s how next weeks pages are shaping up.

I’ve chosen to use some stickers by Vintage Rose Studios on Etsy. This the gold sampler sheet (I also have the pink).

Gold Sampler Sheet by Vintage Rose Studios

I’ve also used some washi tape from my ever expanding collection.

The Week Ahead in my Travellers Notebook

As you can see I’m a pretty functional planner and like plenty of white space to write, however I do find that I use my planners more when they look pretty so like to use a few stickers and washi tape.

So there you have it, my decorated week.

Thanks for reading, until next time.

Debbie x

Who’s an Ugly Bug-ger?

Hey Guys

Don’t worry I’m not having a moment of madness I just needed to let you all know that I’m an Ugly Bug-ger. What this means is that I’ve been accepted as a member of UglyBugPlans PR team for 2017 and I’m soo excited. I applied last month and finally heard back today (after some confusion with e-mails and the like) which is why you may have seen some announcements yesterday.

As you are probably aware if you follow my blog and read my posts, I love Michelle’s products. In the past I have purchased stickers, mystery kits and of course my gorgeous Uglydori TN.

The Team

I will be joining the 10 other gorgeous planner ladies above. I can’t wait to share with you the new sticker releases Michelle has planned very soon. It is safe to say that there will be something for everyone.

Whether you are a full on no white space planner or a more functional planner (like myself) there will be stickers that fit your requirements. Plus, don’t forget to pick up one of the gorgeous Uglydori TN which can be fully customised in a variety of styles and colours. Finally don’t forget to pop one of her TN bookmarks (affectionately called ‘BugBalls’) in your basket too for good measure.

Be sure to visit Michelle on her social media to stay up to date with all the latest UglyBug news.

Etsy – Ugly Bug Plans – Use Debbie10 at checkout for 10% of your order
Blog – Ugly Bug Plans –
Facebook – Ugly Bug-gers –
You Tube – ​Ugly Bug Plans –

Also, keep an eye out on here and over on my social media channels for more info and sneak peaks.

Thanks for reading, until next time

Debbie x

My Favourite Planner and Craft Shops

Warning: This post may be hazardous to your bank balance!

This week the ladies from the Planner Girls Collective are sharing their favourite planner and craft shops. I’m a relative newcomer to the world of planning and journalling so haven’t really purchased to many things, although my Etsy favourites list currently has EIGHT pages of shops where I have seen things I like/want to buy, most of which are UK based as I’m usually on quite a tight budget.

If I am ordering online, I do tend to stick to Etsy more often than not although I have been known to browse some of the other stores although have yet to order.  Some of my favourite shops for online window shopping are:

Mrs Brimbles – Fabulous selection of products for art journalling, planning and scrapbooking as well as monthly Brimbles Box subscription.

Craftstars UK – Huge selection of planning and stationery brands and products together with a monthly subscription box

Just So Stationery – Gorgeous planner inserts printed and punched ready to use.

Suzy Stick It – Supplier of all things stationery related from USA and Asia, with a huge selection of washi tape.

On the whole my planning technique is quite minimal compared to some of the other planner ladies, mainly due to my use of a bullet journal, and I find that too many stickers etc makes it look a little cluttered. Washi tape on the other hand is a staple item in my planning kit and I also love a bit of decoration within my TN using things like paperclips and ephemera.

Below are a few of the Etsy shops that I have purchased items from in the past and would definitely recommend along with a couple who I’m considering ordering from in the near future.

  1. Ugly Bug Plans – Michelle at Ugly Bug Plans is one of the contributors to the Planner Girls Collective and the designer behind the Uglydori Travellers Notebooks as well as offering a monthly subscription box containg all sorts of delights. You can check out my reviews of her earlier boxes here and here and a brief review of my Uglydori here
  2. A Beautiful Plan – Another of the Planner Girls Collective, Kelly sells gorgeous stickers, inserts and other planning goodies. I ordered a set of her Pumpkin Spice Everything stickers in the autumn together with some washi tape, and currently have my eye on her blog planning stickers.
  3. Travellers Times – This is currently my go to shop for notebooks for my Travellers Notebooks. There is a good variety of products and the quality of the paper used is fabulous.
  4. Lyra & Co – I got my first every fauxdori from Lyra & Co and although I don’t use it as much I still love it. I’ve also got one of her Travellers Notebook pocket inserts on my wish list (fingers crossed for my birthday)
  5. Bits of Stationery – I’ve had a few orders from Rachel and I’ve loved them. I purchased her Halloween and Christmas plan with me kits last year along with some functional stickers and some cute Christmassy paperclips.2016-09-26-14-13-35
  6. Cherry Blossoms in the Market Square – I just love, love love Kayleigh’s paperclips. They are so gorgeous and a perfect addition to any planner. Here are a few I’ve purchased to date.
  7. Geekydori – My current Christmas planner is housed in a lovely Geekydori which was perfect for keeping all me Christmas bits and pieces together.
  8. Crafty Ali Cat – Gorgeous handmade gifts, stationery and planner supplies.
  9. Little Rainbow Moon – I’ve just placed my first order which I received last week and I absolutely love it.
  10. The Geeky Planner – Although I’m still to purchase anything from here, I have about 6 different sets of functional stickers in my basket waiting for funds to become available.

For planning and journalling supplies on the high street, my recommendations would probably be Paperchase, Hobbycraft, Poundland and The Works.

Don’t forget to check out the other fabulous posts from the ladies in the collective via links below.

Until next time

Debbie x

2016 Planner Review/2017 Planner Setup

Welcome to the first Planner Girls Collective (formerly Confessions of a Plannerholic) post of 2017. This week’s post is all about reviewing our planners for 2016 (what worked, what didn’t) as well as looking forward to 2017.

At the beginning of last year I was happily planning away in my square moleskine notebook, which I was using as a bullet journal. This worked really well for me until around August when the school holidays found me completely losing my planning mojo and to be honest, despite several different bullet journal setups , I never really found it again.

What I did find though while reviewing my options was the world of Traveller’s Notebooks/Fauxdori’s and became a little obsessed (I now own 5 in various materials, sizes etc) and have decided that this will be the way forward for me in 2017.

I love the flexibility of the Travellers Notebooks as you can add and remove the inserts to suit your needs at any given time.

My set up is still a bit of a work in progress but here’s what I’m using at the minute. I have decided to stick with bullet journalling and am currently using my new Uglydori from the fabulous Michelle Mills (and Trevor) over at UglyBugPlans.


Inside I have 3 large squared moleskine cahier notebooks which make up my bullet journal – one is for my overall monthly/weekly/daily planning, one contains short term collections (next 12 months goals/projects) and one for longer term collections (projects/goals likely to take longer than 12 months) . I know this isn’t the conventional way to bullet journal, but one of the things that deterred me previously was having to transfer collections every time I finished a notebook.

I also have a week on one page with notes from Travelers Times which I think will be used as an on the go blog planner (although I’m still playing with this setup).

In addition to my Uglydori I am also using a 5-year memory book, my Attitude of Gratitude Daily Journal and my Weekly Reflections Journal, all of which were Christmas gifts from my family (they know me so well!)


I will be trialling this set up throughout January and will let you know how I get on and what changes, if any, have been made.

I’m still working on what other planners/notebooks I will be using but I’m pretty sure there will be some additional of memory keeping in there as well as some creative notebooks, all will be revealed when I’ve made my mind up!

Don’t forget to check out the other awesome ladies and their blogs/vlogs via links below and see what changes they have made from last year’s set ups.

Make sure you don’t miss any instalments from the Planner Girls Collective by joining our Facebook Group

Debbie x

Blog Schedule

I’ve been a bit of a busy bee today, I mean three posts in one day is almost unheard of but I thought that while I have the time to spare I would spend a bit of time trying to get myself in front as far as my blog is concerned because, as I mentioned previously over the past few months I’ve kind of let my blog slip and haven’t really been posting.

I’m hoping that now we are getting back in to a routine at home with the kids are school etc I will be able to spend a little bit more time on my blog and with that in mind I decided to put together a blog schedule to help with things and also in an attempt to hold myself accountable.

My overall goal is to post on a daily basis but at the minute I’d be happy with at least three posts a week until I get myself into the swing of things. However in order to avoid posting on one particular subject every day for a week I have devised a bit of a timetable to maintain some variety to my posts.

After some deliberation I have decided on the following schedule, however it may be subject to change depending on how things go.

Monday – Planner Girls Collective formerly know as Confessions of a Plannerholic
These will be predominantly planner/stationery related, however there may be a few surprises in there too.

Tuesday – Family Life, Parenting and Relationships
This could be anything from craft activities with the kids to family days out to date night ideas.

Wednesday – Home and Lifestyle
This could be anything from room redecoration to cleaning tips and anything in between. I have a lot of projects/ideas I want to try and finish this year and will also be looking for ways to make money in order to reach these goals.

Thursday – Stationery, Planners, Productivity and Organisation
I could be covering anything from reviews and set ups to unboxings and my latest hauls. I will also be covering my journey to increase my productivity by following David Allen’s Getting Things Done.

Friday – Anything Goes
Fridays will cover anything that doesn’t quite fit with my other days really so could be anything from book reviews to fashion, personal development to health and fitness and everything in between, basically whatever takes my fancy.

Saturday – Goal Updates
Anything related to my goals such as my weight loss, project zero etc. I will be aiming to cover a different subject each week.

Sunday – Weekly Roundup/Reviews
My aim on a Sunday is to post a weekly roundup of things I’ve been loving over the course of the week. This could be blog posts, Instagram photos, TV programs, You Tube videos etc.

The plan is to start working from this schedule on Monday with my first post for the Planner Girls Collective and then we’ll just have to see how it goes from there.

Personally, I can’t decide if I’ve been a little bit over ambitious but as the saying goes ‘Go Big or Go Home!’

What do you think of my schedule? Is there anything you’d like to see discussed? Feel free to drop me a comment with your thoughts.

Until next time

Debbie x

My New Planner Baby

In my earlier post I mentioned about perusing Etsy prior to Christmas in order to spend some of my Christmas money, which I did on a subscription box from Ugly Bug Plans. I also purchased one of the gorgeous leather Uglydori Travellers Notebooks.

I had been coveting them up since their launch in October of last year but for one reason or another the time just wasn’t right, until now.

I spent a good hour or so considering the size and colours I wanted but finally decided on a regular in First Kiss (purple) on the outside and Skyscraper (grey) on the inside. I also choose grey elastics and stitching.

She arrived on Wednesday with my subscription box and I immediately fell in love. The smell of the leather, the feel of the leather, the colours, the workmanship – everything is amazing.

I haven’t really had much time to get her fully set up yet but I’m happy to share some photos of her in all her naked loveliness.

Once I have finalised my set up and added all my notebooks I’ll be back with a detailed set up post.

I’m now eagerly anticipating the shop relaunch on Monday at 9am as Michelle has been teasing everyone with some new products and four variations of the Uglydori. I might be tempted to place another order in time for my birthday!

If you want to have a look for yourselves then pop over to the shop in the morning.

Debbie x


Ugly Bug Plans Subscription Box

Before Christmas I made the decision to spend some of my anticipated Christmas money on some new stationery/planner bits for delivery in the New Year in order to help overcome the usual slump that happens when everything finally gets back to normal.

After browsing Etsy for what seemed like forever I finally decided to purchase the January subscription box from Ugly Bug Plans which arrived on Wednesday.

This is the third box I’ve had from Michelle and again I wasn’t disappointed. The theme for the January box was Shine Like a Diamond and I love it.


Inside the box there was some lovely purple gem themed washi tape, a rose gold gem pen (which I’ve already had to fight my eldest daughter for), some gem sticky notes, a motivational planner charm and four sheets of planner stickers with an Breakfast at Tiffany’s/Audrey Hepburn look/feel to them.
Michelle is currently running a giveaway to win one of her boxes and you can find out more about it here and if you want to see for yourself what else she has to offer, check out her shop, Ugly Bug Plans, over on Etsy.
Debbie x