Book Haul: The Works

You may have seen in an earlier post that I have been attempting to declutter my books using the KonMari method. However, books spark a lot of joy in this house so we didn’t really get rid of many.

It didn’t help when I came across the multi buy offers available at The Works and bought some books for myself and the kids.

Check out what we got in our latest book haul.

Kids Books

I purchased 15 books in total for the kids taking advantage of the 10 for £10 offer online and later the 5 for £5 in store.

As you can see we got several books by Sue Hendra (Barry the Fish with Fingers; Doug the Bug that went boing; Keith the Cat with the Magic Hat; No-bot). We already have a couple of her books and both kids love them. Hopefully these will be just as good.

My eldest daughter loved Hairy Maclary when she was younger, so when I saw this I knew it had to join our collection.

We chose Evie’s Mad Hair Day especially for my youngest daughter.  She’s going through a bit of a phase where she doesn’t like having her hair brushed and this seemed such an appropriate book for her.

Some books will be added to our seasonal book rotation but most will go straight onto the bookcases.

My Books

These books all came from the 6 for £10 offer online. All the books came from the thrillers/crime fiction as this tends to be my go to genre, but there is a good choice of other books for anyone who isn’t a fan.

Have you read any of these books? What did you think? Have you made any recent book purchases?

I’d love to hear from you so feel free to comment below.

Thanks for reading, until next time.

Debbie x

UglyBugPlans Mystery Kit Review

My birthday present to myself was an impromptu order of the January Ugly Bug Plans subscription kit. It was a total spur of the moment decision, as in I placed the order about 2 days before they were due to ship and I’m so glad I did.

This months theme was ‘Dare to Dream’ and featured lots of muted colours and dream catchers and I absolutely love everything.

Let’s start with the stickers. There were two sheets from Hazy Days UK and a sheet from UglyBugPlans. I love the colours of the Hazy Day stickers, the photos really don’t do them justice.

Also included in this months box was a pen, some washi tape, a dream catcher planner charm and some stamps.

I love everything in this box, as is usually the case, and I can’t wait to get the change to start using everything.

Thanks for reading, until next time.

Debbie x

Blog Schedule

I’ve been a bit of a busy bee today, I mean three posts in one day is almost unheard of but I thought that while I have the time to spare I would spend a bit of time trying to get myself in front as far as my blog is concerned because, as I mentioned previously over the past few months I’ve kind of let my blog slip and haven’t really been posting.

I’m hoping that now we are getting back in to a routine at home with the kids are school etc I will be able to spend a little bit more time on my blog and with that in mind I decided to put together a blog schedule to help with things and also in an attempt to hold myself accountable.

My overall goal is to post on a daily basis but at the minute I’d be happy with at least three posts a week until I get myself into the swing of things. However in order to avoid posting on one particular subject every day for a week I have devised a bit of a timetable to maintain some variety to my posts.

After some deliberation I have decided on the following schedule, however it may be subject to change depending on how things go.

Monday – Planner Girls Collective formerly know as Confessions of a Plannerholic
These will be predominantly planner/stationery related, however there may be a few surprises in there too.

Tuesday – Family Life, Parenting and Relationships
This could be anything from craft activities with the kids to family days out to date night ideas.

Wednesday – Home and Lifestyle
This could be anything from room redecoration to cleaning tips and anything in between. I have a lot of projects/ideas I want to try and finish this year and will also be looking for ways to make money in order to reach these goals.

Thursday – Stationery, Planners, Productivity and Organisation
I could be covering anything from reviews and set ups to unboxings and my latest hauls. I will also be covering my journey to increase my productivity by following David Allen’s Getting Things Done.

Friday – Anything Goes
Fridays will cover anything that doesn’t quite fit with my other days really so could be anything from book reviews to fashion, personal development to health and fitness and everything in between, basically whatever takes my fancy.

Saturday – Goal Updates
Anything related to my goals such as my weight loss, project zero etc. I will be aiming to cover a different subject each week.

Sunday – Weekly Roundup/Reviews
My aim on a Sunday is to post a weekly roundup of things I’ve been loving over the course of the week. This could be blog posts, Instagram photos, TV programs, You Tube videos etc.

The plan is to start working from this schedule on Monday with my first post for the Planner Girls Collective and then we’ll just have to see how it goes from there.

Personally, I can’t decide if I’ve been a little bit over ambitious but as the saying goes ‘Go Big or Go Home!’

What do you think of my schedule? Is there anything you’d like to see discussed? Feel free to drop me a comment with your thoughts.

Until next time

Debbie x

Ugly Bug Plans Subscription Box

Before Christmas I made the decision to spend some of my anticipated Christmas money on some new stationery/planner bits for delivery in the New Year in order to help overcome the usual slump that happens when everything finally gets back to normal.

After browsing Etsy for what seemed like forever I finally decided to purchase the January subscription box from Ugly Bug Plans which arrived on Wednesday.

This is the third box I’ve had from Michelle and again I wasn’t disappointed. The theme for the January box was Shine Like a Diamond and I love it.


Inside the box there was some lovely purple gem themed washi tape, a rose gold gem pen (which I’ve already had to fight my eldest daughter for), some gem sticky notes, a motivational planner charm and four sheets of planner stickers with an Breakfast at Tiffany’s/Audrey Hepburn look/feel to them.
Michelle is currently running a giveaway to win one of her boxes and you can find out more about it here and if you want to see for yourself what else she has to offer, check out her shop, Ugly Bug Plans, over on Etsy.
Debbie x

September’s Stationery Haul

Welcome to my first stationery haul post. I truly believe that part of being a planner addict is embracing all the wonderful supplies available and I’m hoping I can make these monthly haul posts a regular occurrence however I apologise in advance to any of my readers who are attempting no spend months.

Anyway, enough of my ramblings, here’s what I bought over the course of last month.

Half way through September I decided to switch up my planner and move away from by bullet journal and into a ring bound planner. I also purchased a trial set of DIYFish Inserts v2.2 do2p to see how they worked for me (you can check out my initial set up here and I will be doing a full review later in the month so you can see how I’ve been getting on with the new set up).

Following the switch over to my DIYFish inserts and ring bound planner I have been lusting after some stickers to add some fun to the functional and this month the ones I went for were from A Beautiful Plan and Bits of Stationery.

I purchased a set of autumnal stickers (I Love Autumn) from Kelly at A Beautiful Plan and they are gorgeous.


I also purchased the Halloween Plan with Me Kit and Coffee and Cake stickers from Bits of Stationery which I love although I haven’t got around to using them yet.


In addition to my stickers I have purchased a couple more decorative paperclips from Cherry Blossoms in the Market Square. This is the second order I’ve placed with Kayleigh and I’ve got to admit I love her paperclips. Aside from being gorgeous, they are extremely well made and can withstand being manhandled by my curious kids (who have asked if they can have their own)


I have also been on the lookout for some bits and pieces for use in my creative journal and purchased some washi tape from A Beautiful Plan which will also be used in my planner. I have used some of the stickers from the ones above but will be keeping an eye out for some other items to use.


In addition to the above I also ordered my second stationery subscription box from Ugly Bug Does this month and I love it. I’ve already got next months box ordered. Check out my full review of the October box here.


I’m always on the look out for recommendations so feel free to comment below with your favourite shops

Thanks for reading

Debbie x

Ugly Bug Does Subscription Box – October 2016

Back in July I ordered my first subscription box from Michelle at Ugly Bug Does and I loved it. I had been contemplating ordering again but felt that as I didn’t really use stickers all that much in my planner (which was a bullet journal at the time) I couldn’t really justify ordering every month.

Anyway, I’ve now switched my planner from my bullet journal to a ring bound planner using DIY Fish inserts (you can read more about it here) and can finally start ordering all the fab stickers that are available, starting with an Ugly Bug Does subscription box.

I was late ordering the October box and snuck in just before Michelle shut the shop for a few days so I didn’t have quite as long to wait at some customers. My dispatch notice pinged on my phone on Monday and my box arrived safely through my letterbox on Tuesday.

As with my previous box the contents are a perfect mix of stickers and other planner related items. This month the theme is Autumn/Halloween and along with a selection of stickers there was a roll of washi tape, a fox paperclip, a pen and a planner charm. There is just the right mix between the Autumnal items and the Halloween bits and I love that everything in the box is both pretty and functional which means that everything gets used and isn’t just left in a drawer waiting for the right moment to be used.

So let’s take a closer look at the items, firstly we have the stickers which are from Ugly Bug Does. There are four sheets in total, three sets of functional stickers and a set of Halloween countdown stickers. The functional stickers include a fab selection of useful icons, checklist banners, flags, habit trackers, headers and half boxes and apart from the colours (which I personally associate with Halloween) isn’t really Halloween themed, which is perfect for those of you who aren’t a fan of all things spooky.

Michelle has also made the planner charms for the boxes and again it’s the perfect mix of Halloween and Autumn with a mix of spooky charms (mine had a skull, a witch and a skeletal hand) and acrylic leaves in gorgeous greens and browns, offset with some co-ordinating beads. The kids said that it sounds like the rustling autumn leaves when moved.


Next up is the decorative fox paperclip from ScarlettMoonCrafts on Etsy. I love this little guy but think I one of my kids must have caught his tail at some point as it’s looking a little delicate. Nevertheless, he’s gorgeous and will be going into my planner where hopefully he will be safe from little fingers.



Keeping with the autumn theme there is a lovely gold pen with bronze crystals. I’ve seen these pens around but this is the first one I’ve owned and I’m pleased to say that it writes really nice. This will probably find its way into my blog planner as the colour fits in well with my dividers.


Finally, we have the washi tape which is a lovely autumnal watercolour with leaves, pumpkins, acorns and mushrooms/toadstools on. The colours are quite subtle and work really well against the white background.


So there we have it, yet another fabulous collection of stationery from Michelle, all of which I will definitely be using and I can’t wait to get started with my stickers. I will also be anxiously awaiting the reopening of Ugly Bug Does ready to get my hands on the next subscription box.

Debbie x