My Planner Journey

Today, along with the other ladies within the Planner Girls Collective, I am going to share with you my planner journey and why I plan.

My Planner Journey

I’d never really felt the need for an official ‘planner’. I was one of the lucky people who just remembered. You know the kind, the ones who always remember birthdays, phone numbers, names. Well that was me, until I had my second child and became a SAHM.

That’s when everything changed. After my first I went back to work so my brain was still in use. However when my second arrived 14 years later, followed by my third 2 years after, my baby brain kicked in with full force and I slowly started drowning in appointments and paperwork.

Don’t get me wrong I’ve been a fully fledged stationery junkie for as long as I can remember. My mum used to work in an office and there was a never ending supply of pens, paper and sticky notes.

When I was little I loved starting a new diary at the beginning of the year and writing down all the important things you need to remember as a 7-year old! I never really got into the whole ‘Dear Diary’ craze, but I had a go once or twice.

Once I left school and got a full-time job I realised I needed some way to remember everything. I started out with sticky notes everywhere, until one day the cleaner lost one of my more important notes. After that fateful day, I moved onto a standard A5 notebook where I wrote down EVERYTHING! It had personal items, such as buy bunny food, in with work items, such as finalise year end accounts.

I also dipped my toe into the whole technology based planning when I encountered the various software packages at my disposal such as Outlook and OneNote. However, no matter how hard I tried I still couldn’t give up my paper. I always had a notebook nearby no matter where I was.

In 2012 I gave up my office job to be a SAHM and it turned out to be a complete shock to the system. Juggling the demands of a busy house together with the demands that came with a newborn baby meant I needed something to keep my baby-brain in check. I knew I needed to do something and quick.

During one particularly bad day I was browsing Pinterest when I stumbled across lots of blogs/advice about organisation. One such blog was A Bowl Full of Lemons. The information on this blog was a complete game changer and I slowly began to get myself back on track.

Planner Community

I began to set up my first planner and joined a group on Facebook. From there I came across the whole planner community, in particular a Facebook group called UK Planner Addicts. It was in her that I learnt that there are lots of other people out there just like me.

Since that time I have been introduced the world of Filofaxes, Kikki K, Bullet Journaling, Traveler’s Notebooks, Erin Condren, Happy Planners and everything in between.

I have learnt about washi tape and have found a whole new world of stickers and paperclips. It’s like I’ve found my tribe and I love it.

My Latest Obsession

Since encountering the planning community I’ve also been introduced to loads of other fabulous planning and journaling techniques. I’ve dabbled in memory planning and creative/art journaling and if it wasn’t for my planner keeping me organised with all my day to day things I wouldn’t be able to find the time for the hobby side of things.


So there we have my little planning journey. Don’t forget to check out the planner journeys of the other girls and find how how they became planner addicts.


Thanks for reading, until next time

Debbie x

My Top 5 Planner Hacks

This week the other girls and I are sharing with you our favourite planner hacks.

What’s a planner hack?

While most of you are fully aware of what we mean by a planner hack, there may be a few newbies out there who have no idea what we are talking about. Let me explain. A hack is basically anything that you do to customise things (in this case your planner) to make it work for you.

As you are probably aware everyone has different needs and requirements when it comes to their planners so the everyday shop bought items very rarely cut the mustard. So what is a girl to do? They adopt a few hacks to make their planners exactly what they want.

I’m not using many hacks at the minute within my planner and that may explain why I’m not using it as much as I should so I will be reading with interest the other posts in the series.

My Planner Hacks

In the meantime, here are a few of my favourite planner hacks and how I use them

Colour Coding

I use colour in several different ways within my planners. I have a separate colour for each member of my family together with different one for household, finances and cars. In the past I have used different colours for lots of other categories but stopped using this when I changed my planner set up.

I use the colours in different ways depending on my planner set up. In my bullet journal I used highlighters to mark out the months along the bottom of the pages.

I also used colour coding along the edges to mark out specific pages relating to the same topic.

Tip In Pages

This links in quite well with the colour coding mentioned above. When you are using lots of colours, it can sometimes be hard to remember what they all relate to. Cue the tip in page. This is a small piece of paper which is taped to the inside back (or front) cover of your planner/bullet journal and can be opened out when needed.

Again, I use a few different versions of these, They are extremely useful when first starting out with a bullet journal.

Washi Tape

Have I mentioned how much I love washi tape. It’sso versatile and I find it indispensable when it comes to my planners. I use it to mark specific pages such as the beginning of a new month. I also use it to decorate my pages.


Stickers are another hack that help save time. I mean if you are writing the same thing day in day out it’s going to get extremely tedious. This is where my stickers come in. I love functional stickers such as these syn tracker ones from The Geeky Planner.

Again, I also like using stickers to pretty up my pages too.

Post It Notes

Some pages are made for post it notes, for example a things to buy spread. It makes complete sense to me to add various post is notes to these pages so that when you are ready to go shopping you can just pull out the relevant post it note and off you go.

It also helps when you need to send someone else to the shops on your behalf as I’m not sure about you, but there is no way my planner is leaving the house with someone else!!!

Well that’s it for my planner hacks. What hacks do you use in your planners?

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Thanks for reading, until next time

Debbie x


My Easter Bucket List

The Planner Girls Collective have chosen this week to put together their Easter bucket lists and it couldn’t have come at a better time. Here in Leeds, the kids have already been off school for a week as they broke up for their Easter holiday last Friday. This means I have already had a week of trying to break up arguments, maintain some semblance of a household routine and conjure up a never ending list of things for them to do when the inevitable should ‘Mum, I’m bored’ from wherever they are stationed.

I prepared this list so I could find things to do with the kids during half term and it hopefully won’t break the bank.

So here’s what I’m planning

Easter Bucket ListEaster crafts with the kids

I have planned a couple of Easter related crafts to do with the kids in case the weather turns out to be rubbish. We are planning on making some egg shaped sun catchers, a handprint chicks and some Easter cards and baskets for the grandparents. Watch this space to see how they turned out.

Decorate the house for Easter

I love adding seasonal decorations to the house, plus it stops me from getting fed up with my existing decor. This also means my OH doesn’t have to listen to me waffling on about mood boards and colour swatches. We have already picked up some bits and pieces so will be putting those up very soon.

Easter Baking

I love baking and it seems my kids have caught the bug so we will definitely be making some Easter goodies. I’m thinking maybe some Rice Krispie nests and some cupcakes

Easter Bonnet Parade/Easter Egg Hunt

There are a few Easter events happening at the stately homes near where I live. Hopefully we will make it at least one of them to show of the Easter bonnets the kids have made.

Conduct some Easter science experiments

My little boy spent the last two weeks talking non stop about science week and the experiments he did at school. He asked if we can so some of our own experiments during the holidays so I promised him we could attempt some Easter experiments.

Paint my nails using a pastel nail polish

I’ve been neglecting my nails a little recently, I even had to resort to some stick on falsies last week. That being the case I’ve decided my hands/nails need a little TLC.

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Thanks for reading, until next time

Debbie x

My Planner Spring Bucket List

The weather is beginning to warm up slightly and the rain is still here so that can only mean one thing. Spring has sprung and as every good planner knows that means its time for a seasonal bucket list and the Planner Girls Collective are no different.

I love a good bucket list (as you will see over the course of this week) and Spring always makes me feel like making a fresh start. They allow me the chance to refocus my attentions and give me time to adjust my course should I have begun to stray (which I invariably do on a regular basis). So without further ado here is my planner bucket list for Spring

  1. Get back on track with my planner/planning routine. Things have be a little bit crazy around here at the minute. This has resulted in my planning routine suffering. I really need to get myself back on track before everything gets completely out of hand.
  2. Organise my planner and crafting supplies. Earlier in the year I bought a Raksog cart from Ikea to use to organise my planner supplies. However I have just randomly thrown everything in and it’s looking messy and disorganised and I can’t find anything. I really need to declutter my supplies and organise them better.
  3. Set up my new Filofax Pennybridge. For Mother’s Day my kids bought me a gorgeous purple Filofax Pennybridge after hearing me complaining about my current purse and raving about how I could organise my cards/vouchers etc (they do listen after all!!). I need to give a little thought about how I want to use it but I really want to get it all set up asap.
  4. Get up to date with my memory planning. I’ve had a couple of big events happen already this year and I really want to record them in my memory planner. All I need to do now is decide if my current journal/diary will work for me.
  5. Find a home for my Cricut machine so I can use it. My OH bought me the machine for my birthday back in February but due to lack of space it’s still in the box. I really need to find a home for it as I’m desperate to start using it.

I’m sure that with a bit of a kick and a lot of motivation I can get all this completed in time to enjoy the summer.

Don’t forget to check out what the other girls have on their bucket lists!

Thanks for reading, until next time

Debbie x

Planner Wishlist ~ Planner Girls Collective

Every self respecting planner has an ongoing planner wishlist. Somewhere they keep the never ending list of things they have seen used by other planners and just have to have. I’m no different and this week, along with the other ladies from the Planner Girls Collective, we will be sharing with you our planner wishlists.

At the minute I’m currently trying to work through my current supplies so there isn’t too much on my planner wishlist. However given the right opportunity the following items would definitely be  working their way to my collection.

My planner wishlist includes everything from new planners to items to be used within my existing planners.

My Planner Wishlist - Uglydori from UglyBugPlans on Etsy.My Planner Wishlist - Staedler Triplus Fineliner pensMy Planner Wishlist - Zebra Midliner Soft Colour Double-Sided Highlighters My Planner Wishlist - Tombow Dual Brushpens

So that’s my list. What would be on yours?

Also, don’t forget to check out the lists of our other ladies

Thanks for reading, until next time.

Debbie x

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Planner Girls Collective ~ Latest Stationery Purchases

This week the PGC will be sharing with you our latest stationery purchases. I must admit I’ve been pretty good the last few weeks and haven’t really bought to much, or so I thought!

First up is my most recent purchase from Paperchase. I used my £5 birthday voucher to pick up a couple of 2017 diaries for tracking the kids behaviours. These week on 2 pages diaries will be perfect for my requirements.

Earlier in the month I also received my order from Little Rainbow Moon, which was a selection of stickers and a TN dashboard. I love them and will definitely be back for more. In fact I have been drooling over the February Mystery Kit unboxing and think some of the items will be making their way into my basket very soon.







In a spur of the moment purchase, I ordered the February Monthly Kit from Ugly Bug Plans, which I love. I will be doing a full review later this week, so don’t forget to check back for more details.

Finally, we have a few pens that I’ve picked up from Amazon (damn you Amazon Prime) and it appears I have a bit of a thing for all things metallic at the minute.

Uni-Ball Signo Metallic Gel Ink Rollerballs // Gelly Roll Metallic Medium Point Pen – Copper //Uni-Ball Signo Broad Metallic Gel Ink Rollerball – Bronze

I think that’s about it for my purchases but don’t forget to check out the other ladies in the collective.

Until next time.

Debbie x

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My Favourite Books

This week sees the Planner Girls Collective sharing our favourite books. I’ve chosen to pick my 5 favourites from childhood and 5 I’ve love as an adult. I have loved reading for as long as I can remember so have gone through untold books in that time. I also find if I like a book I tend to binge read others by the same author meaning it can be very difficult to choose a favourite book from particular series.

First of all I’ll begin with 5 of my favourite childhood books, which are in no particular order.

1) The Silver Sword by Ian Serraillier

I first read this book at middle school and knew then that it would leave a lasting impression.

The story is a moving tale set Poland in the middle of WWII and follows three children on their journey across the battlefields to find their parents. On the way the befriend an orphan boy who had crossed paths with their father.

2) The Ghost of Thomas Kemp by Penelope Lively

I first became aware of this book in my final year at primary school when one of the teachers chose this book as the weekly story. What made this book so memorable to me at the time is that the teacher brought the story to life by bringing in props from the story such as the notes left by the ghost.

To this day I still own a copy of this book and can’t wait to read it to my children.

3) Astercote by Penelope Lively

Following on from my previous book I began reading a lot of Penelope Lively’s books but another one that I particularly loved was this one and another that I still have ready to read to my children.


4) The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe by C S Lewis

I have read all of the Chronicles of Narnia books but this still remains my favourite.



5) Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl

This was a difficult selection as I love all of Roald Dahl’s books and am currently enjoying them for a second time reading them to my 5 year old son, however this was one of the first books of his I read and still remains a firm favourite.


Next up we have my favourite books as an adult, again this list could go on forever but I will limit it to 5.

1) Message from Nam by Danielle Steele

This was one of the first ‘adult’ books I ever read and over the years I have read a few of her books but this one is by far her best in my opinion.


2) Body of Evidence by Patricia Cornwell

Books by Patricia Cornwell were what first got me hooked on crime thrillers. I love the Scarpetta series. This is the first book I read, however it’s actually the second Scarpetta novel in the series.

3) The Client by John Grisham

In my early twenties I was a huge fan of John Grisham novels and read loads but my favourite has to be this one.  The Pelican Brief comes a very close second.


4) The Green Mile by Stephen King

I’m not a huge fan of horror stories but I did binge read several of Stephen King’s books when I was younger, but this one stood out so much more than the rest for me.


5) The Shadow Cartel by Layton Green

I picked up this book for free for my Kindle and was immediately hooked. As as result as soon as I finished I immediately read the other three books in the series.


I hope you enjoyed reading my list and don’t forget to check out the other ladies in the Collective.

Thanks for reading, until next time.

Debbie x