The Fairytale Box – TSG BookClub Box

I finally managed to collect my latest subscription box from The Stationery Geekette earlier this week after several visits to the Post Office.

This month the theme was fairytales and the book Emma chose was The Girl of Ink and Stars by Kiran Millward Hargarave.  The book blew me away before I even began reading. Every page is decorated with drawings and cartography markings and it looks amazing. There are also maps of the island inside the front and back covers. All in all the book looks beautiful.

Anyway, onto the rest of the items in the box. This month we have an amazing smelling was melt from Westroad Witches Wax Cauldron.

There was also a Happily Ever After tag from MTB Creations which I love. I haven’t decided what I’m going to do with it yet but it definitely will be finding a good use as it’s beautiful.

Next up we have a fairytale keyring. Mine is a cute little fairy/sprite.

Finally we have some stickers from LGD Designs on Facebook

Until next time, thanks for reading.

Debbie x

*Disclaimer: This is a totally unbiased review of a product I purchased myself. I am in no way affiliated with Emma-Louise Smith or The Stationery Geekette*

Mrs Brimbles Box – April 2017

My first ever Mrs Brimbles Box arrived earlier in the week and if I didn’t know better I’d think it was made specifically for me.

This month’s theme was Book and Planner Nerds and it sums me up perfectly.

In the standard box you will find
  • 4 x 12×12 scrapbook paper – 2 designs, double sided
  • 1 x 12×12 journal card
  • 1 x decorative stickers – Book & Planner Nerds
  • 1 x planner stickers
  • 1 x decorative stickers – Nerd animals
  • 1 x A6 stamp set
  • 1 x pack of 15 tabs
  • 1 x pack of ribbon embellishments

As I chose the Big Box I also received some magnetic clips and some pens.

I absolutely adore everything in the box and will definitely be ordering future boxes. I love Mrs Brimbles designs all the characters/images herself.

Starting with the scrapbook paper, there are four sheets in total. Each side has a different design – there is a book one, a floral one, a stripy one and a scribble design one. I love them all and the colours are gorgeous.

I haven’t decided exactly what I’m going to do with them yet but I’m sure I’ll be sharing with you once I finally make up my mind.

Next up we have some journalling cards. There are a total of 11 journaling cards on a 12 x 12 sheet all of which complement the theme beautifully.

The stamp set is perfect and I’m pretty sure that I will be using every one of them at some point in my planners/journals etc.

I’d like to use them on the tabs that were included but I need to pluck up enough courage to give it a go.

My favourite items from this months box have to be the stickers. I love the geeky girls and animals. I’m pretty sure they will be making an appearance in my planner very soon.

Finally from the standard box we have the little embellishments. Mine are pink and purple bows some of which will be getting made into paperclips.

Additional Items

The Big Box contains a few additional items. This month they were a set of six magnetic page markers from My Prima Planner and a set of MAMBI pens from Create 365.


TSG Book Box – J’Taime

*Disclaimer: This is a totally unbiased review of a product I purchased myself. I am in no way affiliated with Emma-Louise Smith or The Stationery Geekette

Firstly I must apologise for the lateness in writing this post and must point out that the last date for ordering the next box has now past. However they April box will be on sale from 1 April if you wish to order.

Anyway, back to my review. As I mentioned last month there are now three different box options to choose from (standard box with paperback/kindle voucher, deluxe box with book/kindle voucher or a basic accessories pack), This month I went for the kindle option.

In honour of Valentine’s Day, this month’s box was titled Je T’aime. As the name suggests this month was all about love whether that be hearts and flowers or self-care and the contents supported this 100%.

The chosen book was Wintersong by S Jae-Jones and focuses on the bond between siblings and since I had opted for the kindle book I received an Amazon gift card code so I could download my book.
Other items in this months box were a handmade bookmark, a face mask, some hot chocolate, a chocolate rose and some hand cream. Unfortunately I never got the chance to sample ANY of the chocolate as my kids got there before me (but since this month  we are all about love I let them off).

Until next time, thanks for reading.

Debbie x

Who’s an Ugly Bug-ger?

Hey Guys

Don’t worry I’m not having a moment of madness I just needed to let you all know that I’m an Ugly Bug-ger. What this means is that I’ve been accepted as a member of UglyBugPlans PR team for 2017 and I’m soo excited. I applied last month and finally heard back today (after some confusion with e-mails and the like) which is why you may have seen some announcements yesterday.

As you are probably aware if you follow my blog and read my posts, I love Michelle’s products. In the past I have purchased stickers, mystery kits and of course my gorgeous Uglydori TN.

The Team

I will be joining the 10 other gorgeous planner ladies above. I can’t wait to share with you the new sticker releases Michelle has planned very soon. It is safe to say that there will be something for everyone.

Whether you are a full on no white space planner or a more functional planner (like myself) there will be stickers that fit your requirements. Plus, don’t forget to pick up one of the gorgeous Uglydori TN which can be fully customised in a variety of styles and colours. Finally don’t forget to pop one of her TN bookmarks (affectionately called ‘BugBalls’) in your basket too for good measure.

Be sure to visit Michelle on her social media to stay up to date with all the latest UglyBug news.

Etsy – Ugly Bug Plans – Use Debbie10 at checkout for 10% of your order
Blog – Ugly Bug Plans –
Facebook – Ugly Bug-gers –
You Tube – ​Ugly Bug Plans –

Also, keep an eye out on here and over on my social media channels for more info and sneak peaks.

Thanks for reading, until next time

Debbie x

TSG Book Box Review

*Disclaimer: This is a totally unbiased review of a product I purchased myself. I am in no way affiliated with Emma-Louise Smith or The Stationery Geekette

This is the first box since the changes made by Emma over the Christmas period. There are now three box options to choose from. This month I went for the standard box with paperback.

Other options are standard box with kindle voucher, deluxe box with either paperback or kindle voucher or a basic accessories pack.

This month’s box was titled Amongst The Stars and the book was Fate of Perfection by K F Breene.  As always the book was beautifully wrapped in tissue paper – this month we had stars.

Also included in this month’s box were some wax melt stars from Smelly Tarts Belfast which unfortunately I didn’t like the smell of, but they are beautiful and sparkly.

Next up we had some reading stickers from Hazydaysuk which I love and can’t wait to start using.

A postcard with an Oscar Wilde quote from Literary Emporium which, again I love.

Finally there was a star wish bracelet from Hampers Boutique which has been procured by my youngest daughter.

Once again I love the box and the contents and will be getting started on the book very soon (watch out for my review). I also feel a shout out should be given to the accompanying note which is written on gorgeous paper and details various meteor showers and eclipses.

I’m pleased to say that the challenges are back again this month and I will be working my way through these over on my Instagram using #tsgbbchallenge.

February’s boxes are on sale until 14th and this month’s theme is Je T’aime. If you like what you’ve seen and want one for yourself, just head over to Etsy.

Until next time, thanks for reading.

Debbie x

UglyBugPlans Mystery Kit Review

My birthday present to myself was an impromptu order of the January Ugly Bug Plans subscription kit. It was a total spur of the moment decision, as in I placed the order about 2 days before they were due to ship and I’m so glad I did.

This months theme was ‘Dare to Dream’ and featured lots of muted colours and dream catchers and I absolutely love everything.

Let’s start with the stickers. There were two sheets from Hazy Days UK and a sheet from UglyBugPlans. I love the colours of the Hazy Day stickers, the photos really don’t do them justice.

Also included in this months box was a pen, some washi tape, a dream catcher planner charm and some stamps.

I love everything in this box, as is usually the case, and I can’t wait to get the change to start using everything.

Thanks for reading, until next time.

Debbie x

Planner Girls Collective ~ Latest Stationery Purchases

This week the PGC will be sharing with you our latest stationery purchases. I must admit I’ve been pretty good the last few weeks and haven’t really bought to much, or so I thought!

First up is my most recent purchase from Paperchase. I used my £5 birthday voucher to pick up a couple of 2017 diaries for tracking the kids behaviours. These week on 2 pages diaries will be perfect for my requirements.

Earlier in the month I also received my order from Little Rainbow Moon, which was a selection of stickers and a TN dashboard. I love them and will definitely be back for more. In fact I have been drooling over the February Mystery Kit unboxing and think some of the items will be making their way into my basket very soon.







In a spur of the moment purchase, I ordered the February Monthly Kit from Ugly Bug Plans, which I love. I will be doing a full review later this week, so don’t forget to check back for more details.

Finally, we have a few pens that I’ve picked up from Amazon (damn you Amazon Prime) and it appears I have a bit of a thing for all things metallic at the minute.

Uni-Ball Signo Metallic Gel Ink Rollerballs // Gelly Roll Metallic Medium Point Pen – Copper //Uni-Ball Signo Broad Metallic Gel Ink Rollerball – Bronze

I think that’s about it for my purchases but don’t forget to check out the other ladies in the collective.

Until next time.

Debbie x

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Book Review: Stealing Snow by Danielle Paige

My second book of 2017 was Stealing Snow by Danielle Paige. I received this book in the December TSG Bookclub Box.


Seventeen-year-old Snow lives within the walls of the Whittaker Institute, a high security mental hospital in upstate New York. Deep down, she knows she doesn’t belong there, but she has no memory of life outside, except for the strangest dreams. And then a mysterious, handsome man, an orderly in the hospital, opens a door – and Snow knows that she has to leave.
She finds herself in icy Algid, her true home, with witches, thieves, and a strangely alluring boy named Kai. As secret after secret is revealed, Snow discovers that she is on the run from a royal lineage she’s destined to inherit, a father more powerful and ruthless than she could have imagined, and choices of the heart that could change everything. Heroine or villain, queen or broken girl, frozen heart or true love, Snow must choose her fate .

One of the reasons I love the TSG Bookclub Box is that you receive books that are sometimes outside of your usual reading zone, this was one such book. However one of my reading challenges is to broaden my horizons so as soon as I had the chance I started reading it.

Although, as I understand it, this is a modern retelling of Hans Christian Anderson’s The Snow Queen, to begin with I was getting flashbacks to an earlier bookclub book, Alice by Christina Henry, as the setting at the beginning was very similar which the leading characters locked in an asylum/mental hospital for their own safety. By by Chapter 10 I began seeing similarities with the C S Lewis classic, The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe.

There are a couple of aspects that I don’t like about the book, the first is the fact that Snow travelled to Algin to save the boy she loved, yet she ends up in a kind of love square with two other boys she meets on her travels. I suppose this could be explained by her only ‘real-life’ experience comes from a soap opera where the lead character is on lover #10. The second is the fact that despite a gut feeling of unease about certain situations, she just’s shrugs it off and naively goes along with things.

I didn’t find the main protagonist in the story, Snow, overly likeable and towards the end of the book I wasn’t all that bothered about what happened to her. On the other hand, I found myself cheering for Jagger and the Robber Girls but again, would like to have seen their characters develop more.

There were several twists in the story, some of which I anticipated, some I didn’t but that did mean parts of the story lost a little of the shock factor.

Overall I felt the book fell a bit flat, while there was great potential for the story to be amazing, the characters didn’t really development and the world building wasn’t sufficient for me to create a place I felt like I was part of. That said, I may be tempted to read the prequel novella, Queen Rising, to see the story of Margot and the Robbers unfold.

Thanks for reading, until next time.

Debbie x

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Ugly Bug Plans Subscription Box

Before Christmas I made the decision to spend some of my anticipated Christmas money on some new stationery/planner bits for delivery in the New Year in order to help overcome the usual slump that happens when everything finally gets back to normal.

After browsing Etsy for what seemed like forever I finally decided to purchase the January subscription box from Ugly Bug Plans which arrived on Wednesday.

This is the third box I’ve had from Michelle and again I wasn’t disappointed. The theme for the January box was Shine Like a Diamond and I love it.


Inside the box there was some lovely purple gem themed washi tape, a rose gold gem pen (which I’ve already had to fight my eldest daughter for), some gem sticky notes, a motivational planner charm and four sheets of planner stickers with an Breakfast at Tiffany’s/Audrey Hepburn look/feel to them.
Michelle is currently running a giveaway to win one of her boxes and you can find out more about it here and if you want to see for yourself what else she has to offer, check out her shop, Ugly Bug Plans, over on Etsy.
Debbie x

September’s Stationery Haul

Welcome to my first stationery haul post. I truly believe that part of being a planner addict is embracing all the wonderful supplies available and I’m hoping I can make these monthly haul posts a regular occurrence however I apologise in advance to any of my readers who are attempting no spend months.

Anyway, enough of my ramblings, here’s what I bought over the course of last month.

Half way through September I decided to switch up my planner and move away from by bullet journal and into a ring bound planner. I also purchased a trial set of DIYFish Inserts v2.2 do2p to see how they worked for me (you can check out my initial set up here and I will be doing a full review later in the month so you can see how I’ve been getting on with the new set up).

Following the switch over to my DIYFish inserts and ring bound planner I have been lusting after some stickers to add some fun to the functional and this month the ones I went for were from A Beautiful Plan and Bits of Stationery.

I purchased a set of autumnal stickers (I Love Autumn) from Kelly at A Beautiful Plan and they are gorgeous.


I also purchased the Halloween Plan with Me Kit and Coffee and Cake stickers from Bits of Stationery which I love although I haven’t got around to using them yet.


In addition to my stickers I have purchased a couple more decorative paperclips from Cherry Blossoms in the Market Square. This is the second order I’ve placed with Kayleigh and I’ve got to admit I love her paperclips. Aside from being gorgeous, they are extremely well made and can withstand being manhandled by my curious kids (who have asked if they can have their own)


I have also been on the lookout for some bits and pieces for use in my creative journal and purchased some washi tape from A Beautiful Plan which will also be used in my planner. I have used some of the stickers from the ones above but will be keeping an eye out for some other items to use.


In addition to the above I also ordered my second stationery subscription box from Ugly Bug Does this month and I love it. I’ve already got next months box ordered. Check out my full review of the October box here.


I’m always on the look out for recommendations so feel free to comment below with your favourite shops

Thanks for reading

Debbie x