5 Fantastic Date Night Ideas When You Can’t Get a Babysitter


I’m sure you don’t need to be reminded that Valentine’s Day will soon be here. However, if you’ve left it a little too late to organise a babysitter but still want to celebrate here are some fantastic date night ideas to help you show the love at home.

I’ll be honest here and say that we don’t really celebrate Valentine’s Day as February is an expensive month for us with birthdays (plus my OH thinks the whole thing is made up by Clintons).


Nevertheless it’s always nice to take a little time away from life in general to spend time with your partner so here are a few things you can do in the comfort of your own home that are a little bit different from your usual routine.


1. Movie Night

In the mood for a movie marathon then why not add a twist and turn it into a themed night. You could cook up a special meal, decorate the living room or pick up some appropriate drinks – Cocktail anyone!


2. Games Night

Break out the board games, crack open the cards or simply just grab the Wii remote. Whatever option you chose, make sure you have a friendly wager beforehand to add a bit of competition to the proceedings.


3. Special Meal

If your usual routine involves a takeaway or one of you cooking while the other does their own thing then why not change things up and cook a special meal together. One of you could make a starter while the other makes dessert and you can both do the main course.

Alternatively you could grab one of the meal deals from M & S or Asda to save a bit of time.



4. Take a Walk Down Memory Lane

You could dig out the wedding albums, look through all your old photos or simply chat about how you first met. Whatever you chose to do it’s sure to spark some fantastic memories.


5. Get Crafty

Grab the kids art supplies and get your craft on. You could decorate coffee mugs for each other or paint portraits of each other, the possibilities are endless.


And there it is! 5 different date night activities you can enjoy at home with your partner once the kids are tucked up in bed. No excuses for not spending some quality time together this Valentine’s Day!


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