5 Stocking Fillers for Kids #Blogmas Day 8

5 Stocking Fillers for Kids #Blogmas Day 8THIS POST MAY CONTAIN AFFILIATE LINKS

Yesterday we were discussing our Christmas Traditions, today we are looking at stocking fillers. One of ours is hanging  the empty stockings left by the elves on Christmas Eve and eagerly waiting to see what Santa leaves. These are the first presents we open when the kids wake up and it allows me and my OH time to fully come around before making our way downstairs for the main event.

We never spend much on the presents in the stockings (usually around £20 each) but the kids love these small items just as much as the bigger ones. I love the challenge of sourcing some fab gifts without breaking the bank.

If you’re looking for inspiration for your own stockings, here are some of our tried and tested stocking fillers.

Hair Bobbles/Clips

As most mums of girls will know, keeping track of hair bobbles and clips is a nightmare. We regularly find ourselves with single clips as the other has been lost. With this in mind one of the things I like to add to our stockings is a set of clips and matching bobbles. There is usually enough in one of the smaller packs to keep me in matching items throughout the year.

Stocking Fillers; Frozen Hair Clips Stocking Fillers: Frozen Hair Bobbles


Again, it’s not an overly exciting present but this has become a bit of a joke tradition in our house. Every year I buy a pack of pants, socks and vests for the kids and then wrap them all individually for their stockings. By Christmas the kids are usually in need of new underwear anyway so it’s a bit of fun. It also sets them up for when they are older and end up with underwear as their main present.

Stocking Fillers: Batman Briefs Stocking Fillers: My Little Pony Briefs

Minifigures Packs

I love these little mini figure bags. They may not be the cheapest but they are perfect little stocking fillers. This year Corey will be getting either a Lego minifigure bag or an Imaginext DC figure bag. Anya already has two of these figures so will be getting a My Little Pony minifigure.

Stocking Fillers: Imanginect DC Mini Figure Blind Bag Stocking Fillers: My Little Pony Mini Figure Blind Bag

Stationery and Stickers

Both my kids take after their mum with their addiction to stationery so popping a pad and pen in their stocking is something they welcome. There are some cute little items around that are just perfect for stocking fillers.

Stocking Fillers: Mini Notepads

Another item that goes down well with the kids are stickers. Again, these can be picked up cheaply from places like Poundland and Wilko.

Stocking Fillers: My Little Pony StickersToy Cars

Corey loves his Hot Wheels cars so these individually wrapped Batman ones would make a perfect stocking filler for him.

Stocking Fillers: Batman Hot Wheels Cars
Do you have stockings are Christmas? What do you put in yours? Drop me a comment as I’d love to know

Debbie x


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