My Top 5 Reasons To Book An All-Inclusive Holiday

My Top 5 Reasons To Book An All-Inclusive HolidayTHIS POST MAY CONTAIN AFFILIATE LINKS

At the end of May we returned from our second family holiday. This time we visited Majorca where we stayed all-inclusive at the Insotel Cala Mandia. This the second all-inclusive holiday we’ve been on as a family and while the kids are still relatively young we will probably continue with this type of holiday.

Hotel Cala Mandia Resort, Majorca

Here are my top 5 reasons why you should make your next family holiday an all-inclusive one.

1. Stress Free Budgeting

You know in advance how much your holiday is going to cost. You don’t have to worry about budgeting so you don’t run out of cash by the end of the holiday. And not having to budget means you are able to relax more, which is what holidays are all about. All you need to remember are a few Euros for any souvenirs you want to bring back.

2. The Food

The heat can do funny things to little appetites. The joy of all inclusive breaks is that there is food available pretty much all day. There are dishes to suit every taste and the quality wouldn’t be out of place in a 5 star restaurant. There is always plenty of choice from the standard nuggets and chips to healthier choices such as fresh fruit, vegetables and pasta. You can get choose from full three course meals to poolside snacks and of course, ice cream. My kids love the fact that they can just have a sample of lots of different meals, which meant that they tried lots of new things.

3. The Drinks

Obviously one of the big attractions of all inclusive holidays it the alcohol. However when travelling with small children you won’t want to take advantage of this too much, but you’ve got to admit that being able to send your OH down to the bar for a nice glass of sangria or a cold beer while the kids are napping has it’s appeal.
My kids also loved the constant supply of slush drinks that they could, almost, help themselves to.

4. The Facilities

Most large hotels now have kids clubs and activities available, however some of these incur extra charges. With and all inclusive holiday you can avoid the extra costs as the activities are included (although a small deposit may be required). Also, if you’re lucky enough to manage to escape the kids for a couple of hours you may be able to treat yourself to a spa treatment or massage. However some treatments may incur additional charges.

5. Something for Everyone

All inclusive holidays generally have something for everyone. Whether you want an activity packed break or would prefer to lounge by the pool with a drink in one hand or a book in the other there will be something for all the family to enjoy.


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