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Apologies for the blog silence, I’ve been having a crazy time at home with one thing or another, but am hopefully now everyone’s just about settled back into a routine I should be able to get myself a bit more organised with posting.

With that in mind at the beginning of last week, I joined forces with a group of other like-minded bloggers who all contribute to a weekly blog carnival called Confessions of a Plannerholic. Every Monday they post on various topics, although as the name implies it is usually planner related.

I’m a little late to the party with this post (it should have been posted last week, but life got in the way) but since the topic is something I already have put together I didn’t want to miss the opportunity. So without further ado, here’s my list.

  • Go pumpkin picking – this is something we started doing last year once my two youngest were old enough to appreciate it and it will be something we continue doing for as long as we can. There are several farms local to us that offer pumpkin picking along with other seasonal activities and we are really looking forward to it again this year.
  • Take the kids on an Autumn scavenger hunt – my kids love being outdoors no matter what the weather and with the weather we are having at the minute we want to make the most of it so I have put together a list of things for the to try and find while we are out exploring the woods and fields nearby.
  • Jump in leaves with the kids – I used to love doing this when I was younger (actually who am I kidding, I still love doing this) so naturally it had to be added to my bucket list J
  • Bake apple pie – this will be something new to me this year as although I love baking, I’m not great on pies/pastry (no GBBO for me I’m afraid) so I thought I would give it a go although it may end up being blackberry pie since my OH doesn’t like cooked apples
  • Buy an Autumnal scented candle – I love scented candles and especially love switching them out seasonally so I will be on the lookout for a new one for Autumn.
  • Switch up the décor in the living room – I’m not sure about the rest of you, but I’m sure some of my fellow plannerholics can relate to the fact that we have been known to get bored easily with our current setup. For me this also applies to things in my house, I’m constantly moving furniture, switching round cupboards etc much to the disapproval of my family who then can’t find things. To try and avoid, my OH has allowed me to switch up our accessories seasonally to give our home a new look. As this is the first Autumn we will have done this I will be looking for some cheap bits to give a warm and cosy look to the room.
  • Navigate a corn maze – We live pretty close to the York Maze and we are hoping to get there during the October half term holidays to see the remnants of the Roald Dahl maze they had earlier in the year. This will be the first time we’ve been and I will be sure to let you know when I go in case you need to send out a search party J
  • Bake cookies with the kids – As I said earlier, I love baking, as do the kids so I thought we could make some cookies for them to decorate.
  • Try a new seasonal hot drink – I’m not a massive coffee lover so I’m not sure if I’ll go for the pumpkin latte I’ve seen but I’m definitely going to try something new and seasonal.
  • Take the kids to a fireworks display – Pretty self-explanatory really.
  • Make spicy butternut squash soup – one of my favourite things about this time of year is the comfort food and to me soup is just that so I will be cooking up some big batches of this to see me though.
  • Do some autumnal crafts with the kids – I have been scouring Pinterest for some inspiration and I now feel like my head could easily explode, however I have some fab ideas which will keep the kids occupied over the coming months.
  • Try out some new slow cooker recipes – I love my slow cooker and when the temperature drops and the nights start closing in I love knowing that I can enjoy some lovely warm food as soon as my OH gets in without having to spend ages cooking.
  • Switch out my capsule wardrobe – I usually do this towards the beginning of October as for the past few years the weather in September has been changeable to say the least and its looking like this month is no different. I still need to pick up a few new pieces before I can finalise everything but I’m on the case and will hopefully be ready to share very soon.

So there’s my list and here’s how it looks in my journal. I’m very new to the whole creative journaling process and as you can see with my bucket list I need to let go of my inner perfectionist and try to go with the flow a little more rather than trying to be neat and tidy all the time, although it doesn’t help that I don’t really like my handwriting.


The bucket list sticker is something I designed and printed myself and the additional stickers and washi tape are from Kelly’s shop, A Beautiful Plan, over on Etsy.

Check back later for this weeks instalment – My Autumn Planner Set-up and don’t forget this is a collaborative post so please check out the other awesome ladies and their blogs/vlogs – links below

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