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For day 3 in the Blogtober 2017 challenge we are talking cars. To be honest, to me a car is just a convenient way to get from one place to another. For my husband, cars are a totally different matter. Cars play a huge part in Rik’s life, and because I like to spend time with him sometimes, mine.

We have both been driving since we were 17 and in that time I have owned 5 cars and Rik has owned 29! Admittedly not all of these have been everyday cars and some haven’t even been roadworthy. You see I’m a bit of a classic car widow. My husband has a passion for classic Fords and will take an interest in anything with a blue oval badge.

Add into the mix the fact that he has a tendency to get bored of his cars easily means that life is never dull where cars are concerned. Here a just a few of the random memories through the years.

The Car Club Years

Before our 2 kids arrived and we had a little more disposable income, he bought himself the car of his dreams – a Mk2 Ford Escort RS2000. Since he was a classic car owner it seemed only fitting that he joined a classic car club. This mean that we spent many a weekend during the summer as did my long suffering daughter (pictured below) attending classic car shows.

When the chairman of the club stood down, Rik put his name forward and was subsequently elected Chairman of the Ford Escort Mk2 Owners Club. I think I may have been at the toilet when my name got put forward as Club Secretary and before I knew it was handed a bundle of paperwork and a cheque book.

What I didn’t realise at the time was that Rik was already in talks to purchase me my own Escort as it didn’t seem right that one of the committee wasn’t a driver of the coveted vehicle. So that is how we came to purchase Luigi (due to his number plate).

To be honest I very rarely drove ‘my’ Escort. When I was allowed to drive I did find myself receiving a few double takes from people we drove past.

Scrapheap Challenge

As you can imagine we have had a few vehicles that were only fit for the scrapyard. One such example was the Escort shell which was a present for him for his 30th birthday. It had no engine and was delivered to our little cul-de-sac on an eight vehicle transporter.

Since the transporter couldn’t turn around in the street he had to reverse down the crescent, almost blocking the road, while he unloaded the car. Rik and one of our neighbours (a fellow enthusiast) then had to push the car down the crescent and into our drive.

My ungrateful husband sold this car, still with no engine, within 12 months of owning it.  Getting rid of this involved me having to sit on a toolbox (there were no seats) to steer while he towed the car up the driveway with his 4 x 4.  The dog decided that he wanted to come along so jumped on my lap for the ride! What our neighbours must of though seeing our dog cruising up to the end of the street behind the wheel of 50% of a car I don’t know!

Post Baby Cars

Since the arrival of Corey and Anya, I would like to say he has calmed down. Unfortunately I would be lying. When Corey was born we had to have a 4 x 4 just in case it was snowing when we needed to get to hospital. When Anya arrived we needed a 7 seater to ensure we had enough room for everyone. Where most people buy a new outfit for a special occasion, Rik prefers to buy a car!!

He’s still just as impulsive too. A few months ago we were discussing cars and he mentioned something about a Ford Cougar he had seen on eBay for a couple of hundred quid. I may have responded about that not been much for a Ford, I honestly don’t remember. What I do remember was him telling me he needed £260 as he’d just bought said Cougar!!!

Garage Forecourt or Drive

We currently have four cars registered to our address and until a couple of weeks ago we had two more. We are so lucky that our neighbours are understanding, although I do sometimes feel like they take pity on me.

I honestly don’t think he will ever change; in fact he’s already planning what car he wants for his 40th birthday which is in 2 years time. Although, if past experience is anything to go by we will have owned at least 8 cars in that time.

So that’s a snippet of my life living with a car obsessed husband.

I’d love to hear how many cars you’ve owned. Can anyone beat 29 cars in 20 years of driving?

Debbie x

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  1. October 4, 2017 / 9:17 am

    This is such a great post! It had me in stitches in parts, I can actually picture you and the dog steering a car which is being towed!! lol We haven’t owned as many as you have but my hubby has swopped and changed cars so many times I’ve lost count! #blogtober17 xx

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