Book Review: Blogs Change Lives

Blogs Change Lives is the eagerly awaited blogging guide from Aby Moore of You Baby Me Mummy and was launched earlier this year.  I couldn’t wait to get my hands on a copy and I wasn’t disappointed. It was amazing.


I have read a few blogging books in the past and although they are packed full of content, they never seem to resonate quite like Blogs Change Lives did.


The book is part memoir and part blogging handbook. The mix of the two made the whole book feel a lot more relatable.  It is broken up with fabulous motivational and inspirational quotes — which I love — as well as Aby’s Action Steps to help you on your way to blogging greatness.


Blogs Change Lives by Aby Moore

Trapped in depression can one mum use a laptop to change her life?


When dark depression descends, and you find yourself consumed by its clutches. It can seem as though there is no way out. No way to get back to the person you used to be. All you want is to enjoy your new baby, to enjoy the new life you have found yourself living.


In this ever-changing world of social media, sharing your life online can be the key to finding your freedom and independence. In this honest, practical, and inspiring book, Aby dissects every aspect of blogging so everyone will know exactly how to create a blog that could change their life. While weaving in her empowering personal story, she offers practical advice on aspects such as social media, content, branding, goal setting and much more. She holds nothing back.


For those with more experience, Blogs Change Lives highlights innovative tips and inventive strategies to take your business to the next level. Blogs Change Lives is a one-stop-shop guide to building a profitable blog. This book will help you create the life that allows you to find your freedom.


The only blogging guide you will need

I went through a whole spectrum of emotions while reading the book from tears to laughter, overwhelm to inspiration. It truly was a rollercoaster but I have to say I loved every word.


Aby’s story of her struggles with post natal depression will resonate with a lot of new mums while her guidance on starting and growing a blog is jam packed full of tips and advice from the beginner to more advanced blogger.


It’s true, blogs change lives

I have been blogging, albeit on and off, for a while now and Aby’s book has boosted my confidence. She has a way of making everything feel achievable and she provides step by step guides on how you can do this. I now have a new found motivation to push forward and take my blog in a new direction. Blogs Change Lives now sits permanently on my desk so I can reference it easily whenever I find myself struggling.


Having been part of Aby’s Facebook group for a while now, some of the information was known to me but having it all there in once place made me feel so much more motivated to move my blog to the next level. The book is insightful and full of fantastic information; perfect for anyone who wants to start a blog and earn money as well as those ready to move to the next level.


Aby’s down to earth persona shines through in her writing. You can feel her with you every step of the way cheering you on and pushing you so that your blog can change your life, just like hers did.


I can honestly say, hand on heart, that this is the only blogging guide you will ever need. If you have a blog, or considering starting one, this book will change your life. It will give you more ideas than you know what to do with. But it will also provide you with the tools and support to implement them all.


Well done Aby, your book is amazing.

Aby’s book is available now from Amazon on Kindle or paperback.


Who is Aby

Aby Moore is a blogging strategist and founder of, one of the UK’s top family lifestyle blogs. She has written for a range of publications and has worked on a huge number of brand collaborations over the years.


Aby’s special sauce is helping mamas turn their blogs into thriving businesses. Enabling them to remain in the home with their children, while they’re building their own online empires. She’s a course creator, has founded a successful membership programme and has a hugely loyal online following, the Mamapreneur Revolution. Aby is also a speaker at many blogging conferences and often works as a brand ambassador for international brands. Proving she still walks the walk, as well as helping other’s follow in her footsteps. As the co-host of the podcast The Huddle, Aby is focused on helping as many mamas as possible achieve their dreams.