Christmas Drinks #Blogmas Day 14


I know I wrote about excess yesterday so it’s a little ironic that today I’m talking about Christmas drinks. However, bear with me because I’m not just talking about alcohol.

I’m pretty sure that everybody loves a good Christmas drink! It doesn’t have to be alcohol based, it could be one of the gorgeous drinks available at Costa or Starbucks, or something home made from an old family recipe. Whatever it may be it got me thinking about Christmas drinks. This included those that only appear during the festive period and those that remind you of Christmas, lets take a look.

Coffee Shop Treats

Personally I’ve not managed many of the Christmas drinks this year, although I still have a bit of time to get myself a caramel brulee latte or honeycomb latte and maybe even one of the speciality hot chocolates.


It has to be said that Baileys is one of the most popular Christmas Drinks among my friends. I have to admit that I do enjoy a glass while I’m wrapping everyone’s presents. My mum is a big fan too and usually gets a bottle either for Christmas or her birthday (which is just after Christmas).

I’ve recently seen that Lidl have an Irish Cream Chocolate Liqueur in stores this year, which at £6.99 is considerably less than the original.

The Wine List

If I’m honest, wine isn’t specifically limited to Christmas in our house. However, we do splash out a little with some Bucks Fizz on Christmas morning and maybe a bottle or two of Prosecco throughout the festive period. I’m not a huge drinker (anymore) so I tend to go for a spritzer over straight wine most of the time.

One drink I don’t really like, but seems to be very popular at Christmas is mulled wine. I enjoy the odd glass every now and again with a mince pie but it’s not one of my favourites.

Not technically wine, but sparkling perry, Babycham was one of the ‘special’ drinks that I was allowed a small glass of when I was younger.

Best of the Rest

Another Christmas treat when I was younger was being allowed a Snowball. I remember helping my mum make them. It was my job to slurp the froth from the top before it overflowed down the side of the glass. They are super easy to make; just add equal measures of advocaat with lemonade and add a dash of lime juice.

Another drink that reminds me of Christmas when I was younger is Martini. My mum used to drink dry Martini with lemonade at Christmas; while my Nana used to drink Martini Bianco and sometimes Martini Rosso.

Sherry appears to be another popular choice at Christmas, with Harvey’s Bristol Cream getting a mention every now and again.

I’d love to know what your drink of choice is for the Christmas period. Let me know in the comments.

Debbie x


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