Christmas Elves #Blogmas Day 11


I’ve already shared with you my Christmas Traditions so today I’m going to delve a little deeper into one of them – our Christmas Elves.

I first started this when my son was born back in 2012. At the time my eldest daughter was 14 so not really a believer. My son was 11 months and not really old enough to understand. Despite this I got caught up in the whole Elf on the Shelf concept and order myself two cute little elves.

We named them Felicity Fairylight and Montague McJingle (my OH’s choice) and made them passports and sleigh licences.

Looking back, I think I was probably a little crazy and that the entire tradition was more for my benefit than anyone else’s.  Nevertheless, I can honestly say that everyone entered into the fun, even my anti Christmas hubby.

Over the advent period they elves got up to all kinds of mischief from wrapping up my daughter’s toothbrush and her school dinner. This is something her friends still talk about now! They also hung her underwear on the Christmas tree; she wasn’t impressed as this was the same day she brought her boyfriend home! They even ate one of her advent calendar chocolates and she was less than happy about that one.

They also found their way to Daddy’s work and spent the day ‘helping’ him with his job.

This will be our 5th year of having elves visit. It does get harder to come up with new ideas that don’t cost the earth I wouldn’t change it for anything. The kids still talk about the time they wrapped the TV in wrapping paper. Or when they ziplined across the living room. This means that my hard work has paid off; we are making the memories I wanted and keeping the magic of Christmas alive.

It also means that I can teach my children that Christmas isn’t all about Santa and what presents you get under the tree. In the past we have been challenged by our elves to be kind to others; this is something I will be working on more in years to come.

Do you have Christmas Elves who visit? I’d love to know what kind of mischief they get up to.

Debbie x


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