Christmas in July? Yes Please!!


I’m well aware that for some people the thought of considering anything festive before December 1st is one of the worst things ever to happen. However I love that Christmas in July is now an actual ‘thing’. Don’t get me wrong my tree isn’t up (my OH would leave me) and I haven’t had any mince pies. However I have made a start on my planning in preparation for the festive season.

Christmas in July - Christmas Planner

Over the past week or so I have been seeing an increase in all things festive. It began with Movies 24 launching their Christmas movie channel. This was followed by some of the major retailer sharing their Christmas products and themes. Then I came across some friends in New Zealand who had recently attended a mid-winter Christmas party and was majorly jealous at the fact they get to celebrate twice.

Plus as part of the PR teams for two small businesses, we have already begun working on some ideas for Christmas products in order to be prepared.

Christmas in July

When did it start?

I’ve loved Christmas for as long as I can remember. As a child it was about the magic of Christmas, trying to sneak a look at Santa while he nibbled his mince pie, listening for Rudolph on the roof. As I got older it was being able to stay up late because of parties and get togethers.

The I had kids of my own and my outlook changed again and I began to look for ways to make Christmas magical for my kids. I’ve got loads of fond memories of Christmas, and it’s not all about the gifts. In fact presents are just a small reason of why I love Christmas. I love picking out the perfect gifts for people, spending time with family, watching movies after a big Christmas lunch and all the festive traditions.

Our traditions

Our Christmas traditions begin on December 1st when the elves arrive, the tree goes up and our advent calendars/books arrive. Throughout December we try to find lots of fun things to do such as looking at all the decorations and lights on local houses. Last year we attended our first pantomime and will probably do the same again this year.

Christmas in July - Elves

I want my children to grown up knowing that Christmas isn’t all about Santa and presents. In order to get this point home we try to do some things to help others too. These include taking some food to the local foodbank or donating to the local homeless shelter.

Christmas morning everyone has a stocking to open which nearly always includes socks/pants. I have done this since Corey was small and will probably continue long after they have all left home.

What are your thoughts on Christmas in July? Have you started making plans yet?

Until next time

Debbie x

Christmas in July



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      Just goes to show we have impeccable taste 😀

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