How I plan to deal with my clothes getting tight

How I plan to deal with my clothes getting tightTHIS POST MAY CONTAIN AFFILIATE LINKS

I was recently trying on my holiday clothes ready for packing when I began to notice some of my clothes getting tight and it got me wondering what had changed to make me gain my weight.

After some thought I finally narrowed it down to the following reasons.

1. Not eating proper meals

When I was doing Slimming World I was eating three meals a day plus 2 snacks almost every day. Over the past few months, however I’ve been eating my breakfast late, skipping lunch and then finding myself hungry well before my dinner is ready. This usually means I polish off the kids leftovers or snack on something unhealthy such as a packet of crisps/bar of chocolate.

2. Not planning meals

I’ve fallen off the meal planning wagon in spectacular fashion. Over the past few weeks I’ve managed to forget the chicken out of the freezer for the chicken curry and end up with mouldy veg by the time I need it for my meal.

3. Too Many Takeaways/Too Much Junk

For one reason or another we’ve been relying on the likes of the local Chinese takeaway or KFC a little too much of late. My OH working late, kids not settling at bedtimes and just being plain lazy are all some of the reasons we’ve reached for the takeaway menus rather than the healthier options.

So what am I planning to do to stop my clothes getting tight?

1. Stricter meal planning

I have the resources and the knowledge to meal plan to perfection, I just need to make the time to do it.

2. Swap the takeaways for fakeaways

When I was doing well with my weight loss on average we had less than one takeaway a month. We made our own curry, burgers and Chinese and it was gorgeous so I will be doing this again.

3. Rejoin Slimming World

I stopped attending my local group as they had to move time/venue and it was no longer convenient. Silly me thought I could manage on my own since I had the knowledge/books at my disposal. How wrong I was!!
Now my youngest has started nursery I have more options available to me for group so I will be looking into which classes will work for me.

4. Exercise

I’m not quite a couch potato but I’m very close. I really need to take up some kind of exercise, even if it’s simply sticking in a Davina DVD (assuming it’s not been used as a coaster!)

So now I’ve written it down and shared it with you, research shows that I’m more likely to achieve my goal of stopping my clothes getting tight (er). Here’s hoping they’re right as I’m not planning on buying any more clothes unless they are a size smaller!

Thanks for reading, until next time.


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