Family Bucket List for Summer


A couple of weeks ago I shared with you my own personal bucket list for summer. If you missed it you can check it our here. Anyway the kids saw me making my list and decided they wanted to put one together themselves. So here is our family bucket list which includes things they want to achieve before they go back to school in September.

See some butterflies

We are regular visitors to Tropical World in Leeds and love spending time looking at all the butterflies and other creatures there. However for this adventure we are hoping to visit Tropical Butterfly House Wildlife and Falconry Centre near Sheffield

Make our own slushies

Both of the kids love slushie drinks so we thought it might be a fun idea to make our own.

Build a sandcastle

I’ve not decided if this will involve a trip to the beach or just the sandpit in the garden yet. Either way the kids will be able to have fun playing in the sand and trying to out do each other’s creations.

Visit a zoo or farm (or both if possible)

The kids decided the other week that they wanted to see an elephant in real life so we agreed that we would try to get to Chester Zoo over the holidays. There are also a lot of farms locally that we may visit too.

Pirates and Princesses Week

Last year during the school holidays we had a theme week where everything we did revolved around dinosaurs. We watched The Last Dinosaur, ate turkey dinosaurs, dinosaur biscuits and dinosaur shaped sandwiches and did lots of dinosaur related activities.

This year the children decided they wanted another theme week and chose Pirates and Princesses so we will be doing lots of dressing up and themed activities throughout one week of the holidays.

So there we have Corey and Anya’s bucket list for the summer holidays.

Have you got a family bucket list? Do you have any plans for the school holidays? 

Debbie x

Family Bucket List


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