Family Fun at Yorkshire Wildlife Park


Last week we had a lovely day out at Yorkshire Wildlife Park, It was a bit of a spur of the moment trip if I’m honest. My OH had just taken possession of his new (to him) car and wanted to give it a bit of run out.

This was our second visit to YWP, the first being a couple of years ago and there have been a few changes since we were last there.

We arrived a little after lunch and decided we should grab a bite to eat before heading off to see the animals.

After navigating the gift shop without it costing us anything we headed to the Safari Cafe, located within then Safari Village.

The menu had a good selection of both hot and cold foods and an equally good selection of drinks (including alcohol for those who fancy a tipple).

As we only wanted a light lunch we opted for ham sandwiches for the kids and paninis for me and my OH. I went with ham and cheese while Rik settled on mozzarella. We added a couple of side orders of chips too.

To drink I had a diet coke, the kids had juice and Rik had a salted caramel milkshake.

The food arrived within 5 minutes of ordering and it was really nice. Rik enjoyed his milkshake but said it tasted more vanilla than salted caramel.

Although we all enjoyed our food, it was a little expensive (£32.50 in total) If we were to visit again we would most likely take some kind of pack up as there are plenty of picnic areas within the park.


After we had refuelled it was time for the main event. We paid and made our way into the park.

First up we went to see the Meerkat and Mongoose Mansion before heading into Lion Country. We got a pretty good look at the lions, one of which decided to have a good roar while wandering around the enclosure. This didn’t go down too well with Anya who wasn’t keen on the noise.

On the way out of Lion Country as we headed Into Africa we got to see the rhino. He was a new addition since our last visit and the kids were very intrigued by him.

We gradually made our way around to Leopard Heights spotting lechwe, giraffes, ostriches and emu on our way.

After the leopard we moved onto the Land of the Tiger where we were able to follow one of the tigers as he paced around the enclosure.

One of the main attractions for the kids were the polar bears and as we made our way to Project Polar we stopped off to view the South American animals together with the sleeping giant anteater.

We spent quite a long time watching the four polar bears as they were quite active and playful.

When it was time to move on we worked our way around, past the giant otters and onto Wallaby Walkabout.

Wallaby Walkabout is an open enclosure where you can get up close to the animals. We didn’t get too close as a lot of them had babies and we didn’t want to disturb them. Even so it was still a fabulous experience for the kids.

Lemur Woods was next on our agenda. This is another open enclosure where you can walk around while the lemurs play in the trees above you. Neither of the kids were as impressed as me in here as they thought the lemurs would jump on their heads.

Our final stop was to see the baboon and painted dogs. However they were all more interested in the gardeners working outside the rear of their enclosures so we didn’t get a brilliant view of them.

All in all we had a lovely day and would definitely come back again. Although next time we will be a little more prepared and take our own food.

For more information on pricing, opening times etc visit their website.

Thanks for reading, until next time.

Debbie x

Disclaimer: This trip was organised and paid for by us.

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