Food Trends: Fairy Bread


Earlier this week I was browsing the September edition of the Asda magazine looking for some inspiration when an article about 2016 food trends caught my eye.

Number 1 on the list was Fairy Bread. Now this is something I’ve never heard of but it looked like my kids idea of heaven as they would have sprinkles on everything if they had the chance.

According to the article ‘no Australian children’s party is complete without a plate of fairy bread.’ What is fairy bread I hear you ask, well in short it’s bread and butter covered in hundreds and thousands.

My kids are always hungry straight after school pick up so I thought that this may be a nice afternoon treat for them and it turns out that for once I had all the ingredients in my cupboard to make a recipe from magazine (go me!) so on Tuesday we gave it a go.


The verdict: overall it was a hit, although I’m still cleaning up the hundreds and thousands from around the house as they got everywhere. The kids loved it and have already asked if we can make it again which is fine by me. However I will probably use something a little more sticky to hold the topping in place (peanut butter, jam or chocolate spread are possibilities) and I may also add some healthier toppings.

And in case you’re wondering what hip foodies are eating this year, here’s the full list

  1. Fairy Bread
  2. Chic kebabs and Prima Doners
  3. Hoppers (Sri-Lankan street food, similar to a crepe/pancake but in the shape of a basket)
  4. Poke (Hawaiian sushi)
  5. Spam!
  6. Cold pressed melon juice
  7. Freakshake (milkshake make with cake, toppings and cream)
  8. Raw desserts such as cacoa
  9. Salad cakes
  10. Rose slushies

And one more for good luck

  1. Sweet potato toast

What do you think of the list, is there anything there you’d like to try/avoid?

Debbie x


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