Goals for September 2017


Wow! August just whizzed by so quickly. I feel like it was only yesterday that the kids broke up from school and not they’re preparing to go back again. However, although I’m going to miss them, I am totally looking forward to getting back into my daily routine and pushing forward with my goals. So without further ado, here are my Goals for September 2017. I’m hoping you guys will be holding me accountable so be sure to check back at the end of the month to see how I’ve done.

Home Goals for September 2017

Review my cleaning routine

My cleaning routine needs to be updated as there are some areas that seem to get overlooked when things get busy. I also want to involve the kids a little more.

Sell or donate 20 items

I’ve got a box of stuff under my desk that I need to sort out. Then there’s the bits in the garage and the furniture in my office. I really need to go through it all and begin to get rid of things. Some will be going to the charity shop but I’m hoping I can list a lot of it on eBay.

Meal plan all month

I have been winging it quite a lot over the past month as we have been out and about quite a lot. I really want to get back to meal planning and cooking from scratch as it’s better for us both financially and healthwise.

Clear out and organise the kids wardrobes

Now they are back at school I can begin to work through their wardrobes and cull any outgrown clothes/shoes etc and get rid of them. This will make it easier to see where there are gaps ready for purchasing some winter clothes.

Financial Goals for September 2017

Earn £500 additional income

I’m planning to do this mainly through selling on eBay/Gumtree with a few other side hustles. I want to try and boost my emergency fund as well as put some aside to help my daughter get settled in her new flat.

Spend less than £300 on groceries

I’d love to reduce this but I don’t think that it’s a realistic target at the minute. Hopefully once I get to grips with my monthly meal planning I will be able to reduce it a little.

Make £100+ from matched betting

I’ve been wanting to try matched betting for a while so I’m going to give it a go this month. I’ve been reading up on it so fingers crossed I’ve understood it all correctly.

Online Goals for September 2017

Hit 500 followers on Twitter

I was gutted to have missed out on my goal for August of reaching 200 followers by 6. Anyway I’m going to give it all I’ve got this month and try and hit my goal. I’d love it if you would help me out by following me on Twitter, if you don’t already.

Hit 250 followers on Pinterest

I haven’t really put much effort into Pinterest (shame on me) but hopefully I will be able to spend a bit more time pushing myself this month. I’m interested to see how much traffic I can get from Pinterest this month. Please do follow me on Pinterest if you want to help out!

Complete at least one online challenge

Every month I tell myself I’ll take part in one of the monthly challenges, usually on Instagram. I start off really well and then fail miserably. However, I’m determine that this month will be different and I am going to actually complete one of the challenges I start.

I’m currently considering the following two.

The cat's out of the bag! 😺 Here is the first reveal for #September! ✨⠀ ⠀ I have wanted to do something with the theme of #selfcare and I was really excited by the thought of creating a #photochallenge! 📸⠀ ⠀ The prompts can be interpreted any way you like and please don't think you have to be a planner, #crafter or journaller to participate. This challenge is for EVERYONE! 💜 So many people have told me recently that they wished they could make more time for self care and that it is something that gets pushed to the side. Here's your chance to explore your own self care and make a little room in YOUR life for YOU! ⠀ ⠀ Don't worry about doing them in order and don't worry if you struggle with a prompt, I will be captioning all my posts with how the prompt could be interpreted and I've created a hashtag so we can share ideas! 💡 ⠀ ⠀ I hope you enjoy this challenge and please tag your posts with #TORCSCS2017 so we can all inspire and support each other! ✨⠀ ⠀ Let's make September a month of #selflove! ⠀ ⠀ See you on the 1st!⠀ ⠀ Love you all, Ash xx

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Who's ready for September's #BohoBerryChallenge? This month's theme is "Reflection" 💜 – Will you join us this month? – Each month, we’ll follow a set of journaling prompts centered around a monthly theme, sharing with each other along the way. – My hope is that through daily journaling and reflection in each of these areas, we will slowly but surely start to see valuable changes in our lives 🙂 – HERE’S HOW TO PARTICIPATE: – 1. Follow @boho.berry to make sure you don’t miss the monthly prompts. 2. Share this image on your own feed to spread the word. 3. Join in the fun by posting a photo of your daily prompt entries using the hashtag #BohoBerryChallenge 4. Search the hashtag and engage with others by liking, commenting, and asking questions. – * All prompts are completely open to interpretation! There is no “right” or “wrong” way to participate. Also, don’t worry if you miss days… just join in the fun when you can! – Want to join in on Facebook too? Head to bit.ly/BohoBerryChallenge to learn more and join the group ☺️ – #bohoberrytribe #journaling #journalingchallenge #reflection #getthingsdone #personaldevelopment #growth

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Update the SEO on all my blog images

After reading this post from last year by Thinking Out Loud I need to check back through my blog images as I fear I  may have been doing them wrong after getting some incorrect advice.

Schedule posts for October

I’ve got my September posts almost ready to go apart from a couple of tweaks here and there. I now need to start work on my October schedule as I’d quite like to do my own version of Blogtober and blog every day for a month. I just need to see if I think it would be feasible.

Personal/Family Goals for September 2017

Celebrate our anniversary

On 24 September we will have been married 12 years so I want to make sure we take the time to celebrate our achievement. We will probably end up just going out for a meal, and if we’re lucky we might even get a night off from the kids.

Lose a stone

I’ve been trying (and failing) to lose weight over the past couple of months but this time I’m determined to make it happen. I know what I should be doing, I just need to put it all into practice.

So there are my goals for September 2017. With some determination I’m sure I can reach them within the month.

Debbie x



  1. Tracey Hussey
    September 1, 2017 / 7:53 pm

    Good luck with them! Some of them are very similar to mine, I have an additional one , buy/make Christmas presents. 😉

    • September 1, 2017 / 8:14 pm

      Thanks! I’ve started planning my Christmas makes and have been shopping since January so I think I have that bit covered for now 🙂

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