Halloween Bucket List #Blogtober17 – Day 7

Halloween Bucket List #Blogtober17 – Day 7THIS POST MAY CONTAIN AFFILIATE LINKS

We’re now on Day 7 of #Blogtober17. I’d like to say that I’ve been keeping up to date with my posts but I would be lying. Anyway we’re here and I’ve actually managed to get this post ready to go rather than rushing to get it done at the end of the day.

Well, less of my disorganisation and onto today’s prompt which is Goals. I probably should go down the route of my never ending goal of getting organised but today I’m taking a different route. I will be posting my bucket list goals for Halloween this year.

Go trick or treating

We don’t usually go too far when we go trick or treating and generally just stick to our cul-de-sac and a couple of other houses nearby. We missed it last year as the kids both got chickenpox but they still got dressed up in the house.

Decorate the house for Halloween

I love all the Halloween décor in the shops and am slowly starting to put together a nice collection of spooky decorations (much to the dismay of my OH)

Carve pumpkins

We are planning to go pumpkin picking in the next couple of weeks. However last year the kids don’t want to carve them so we picked up a couple more from the local supermarket.

Watch a Halloween movie

The kids are a little too small for full on horror films, and I don’t like them anyway, so we will be looking for something a little more suitable.

Make a haunted gingerbread house

Last year I saw some fantastic gingerbread houses decorated with a Halloween theme and we have decided to give it a go this year.

Make a Halloween playlist

Obviously while you’re doing all your Halloween crafts/baking etc you need a suitable soundtrack on in the background so we will be putting together all our favourite tunes.

Make Halloween inspired food

The kids love it when their food isn’t plain and boring and tend to eat more when it looks fun so I have been gathering ideas for some spooky Halloween inspired snacks for them.

Read Halloween stories

We love switching up our books and we have recently pulled out our autumn/Halloween stories to read. You can check out what we have here.

Do some Halloween activities with the kids

We have loads of Halloween activities planned this month so we will definitely be keeping busy

Bake Halloween cupcakes

I will be finding time to make some Halloween cupcakes again this year after the success of last year’s creations. I’m pretty sure the kids will be helping too.

Bake and decorate Halloween cookies

Every year I say I’m going to attempt to make some cookies/biscuits and I never manage as our baking events usually end up with a batch of cupcakes, so hopefully this year will be the one.

Pick out costumes for Halloween

The kids still can’t decide what they want to dress up as for Halloween but we have a bit of time left yet for them to make their minds up.

Attend a Halloween event/party

We have a couple of Halloween parties to attend and may even host a small gathering ourselves during the school holidays. In addition to this we are hoping to attend a few of the nearby Halloween events during the half term holidays.

Do you have a Halloween Bucket List? What are your plans for Halloween?

Debbie x


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