I’m Waiting For… But Why?


Are you guilty of putting everyone before you when it comes to buying clothes? Do you sacrifice your own happiness for that of your family? Me to! It always seems as if I’m waiting for the perfect moment when it comes to putting myself first… but why?


If I need new clothes, I make excuses as to why I can’t buy them. The little voices in my head keep chattering away — wait until you’ve lost the weight; wait until nearer your holiday; you don’t really need them. The list goes on.


But what I’m really telling myself is that I’m not good enough to spend time/money on myself. In essence, waiting is just another excuse to procrastinate about taking time out for myself.



Does this sound like you?

I’m so guilty of this, especially at the minute and with my 41st birthday fast approaching I’ve decided that enough is enough and I’m going to take the time for some self appreciation.


I’m going to use any money I get for my birthday money together with the  vouchers I got at Christmas (see I told you I’ve been putting things off). I’ve decided that I need to buy some clothes that fit me now, not when I’ve lost the weight. I might even treat myself and get my nails done.


Will the real Debbie please stand up!

As much as I love my mum uniform, I sometimes need to remind myself that there is an alternative persona hidden beneath the leggings and baggy sweaters that isn’t a mum.



She’s funny, clever, sexy and loves life. She likes spending time with friends and drinking cocktails; she likes cosy nights with her OH.


So this is me, deciding that it’s time to love myself first so I can better serve my family and those around me.


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