My Least Favourite Things About Christmas #Blogmas Day 13

My Least Favourite Things About Christmas #Blogmas Day 13THIS POST MAY CONTAIN AFFILIATE LINKS

If you’ve been keeping up with my #Blogmas posts then you’ll have noticed that on the whole they are all relatively positive posts. I’ve been covering all the things we love about Christmas from traditions to decorating; food to family. Whilst I do love all these things, there are a few things that Christmas brings that I don’t enjoy quite as much. With that in mind, today I am sharing with your some of my least favourite things about Christmas.

The Expectations

Every year Christmas brings with it certain expectations, some of which are completely unrealistic. I’ve experienced this in the past when there was an expectation for me, as a single parent, to make sure that my daughter got to see each set of grandparents and other extended family she hardly knew. I did this for a few years before deciding that if people wanted to see us they could knew where we lived.

Obviously when the kids are small the last thing they want to do is to be dragged away from their new presents to see relatives, so we made the decision to spend Christmas Day at home on our terms. We do invite our parents for dinner some years but not every year, that way it doesn’t become and expectation.

And then there’s the expectation that everyone should be happy because it’s Christmas. But there’s the thing, not everyone is happy at Christmas. People who suffer from depression can’t just switch to being happy because it’s expected.

The Cost/Overspending

There are two things I find amusing when it comes to the cost of Christmas. The first is that people tend to spend more money on gifts at Christmas than they do for birthdays. Why?? For me your birthday is special and should be treated as such.

Secondly, if your Sunday lunch cost the same at any other time of year, most people would be going mad. But no, Christmas Day is special and as such we have to spend a fortune on some meat and vegetables.

With regard to overspending, I can say I have been guilty of this in the past, but fortunately I have never got myself into debt. However, I know of people out there who don’t have the same disposable income as I do and because of the expectations mentioned above, have found themselves heading towards getting into debt.

These days I make sure I budget meticulously, although I do sometimes struggle to keep to it at times (I am human after all). In order to keep as close to budget as possible I shop around, use loyalty points, discount codes and vouchers where I can and try to do as much shopping online as possible, so I can also earn cashback from Quidco and TopCashback. This money then goes into the pot for the following year.

Excessive Food and Drink

I touched on this slightly above, but it seems to be a common theme, especially at Christmas. Everyone seems to eat and drink to excess. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy a drink and I very rarely drink to excess; yet I see it time and time again during the festive season. To be honest the thought of a hangover coupled with the noise of the newly acquired toys fills me with dread.

As for the food, well, once you’ve finished your huge Christmas dinner there’s the chocolates, mince pies, cheese; this list goes on. Unfortunately, this is one thing I can be guilty of, especially if it’s there for me to eat. My solution to this is not to buy it in the first place. I haven’t missed it for the 364 days since last Christmas so I’m sure I won’t now.

So there we have a few of my least favourite things about Christmas.. Don’t worry I’m not about to turn into Scrooge just yet, especially since I have lots more upbeat posts planned for #Blogmas.

Debbie x


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