Loving…. August 2017


It’s been an action packed month here during the school holidays. We’ve had some fabulous days out and some equally as fun days at home (damn you British summer).

Despite frantically trying to get in front with everything before the holidays, I didn’t quite achieve the calm I’d hoped for. However I have kept things ticking over steadily.

So here’s the low down on what we’ve been doing and where we have been during August.

Fantastic Family Days Out

We have been all over this month. We started local at The Rainbow Factory, before heading out to Piglets Adventure Park, Matlock Farm Park, and  Tropical Butterfly World.

Finally we headed south to Chester Zoo and Blue Planet Aquarium (watch this space for more on this).

We’ve also managed to fit in weekly trips to Carr Gate Garden Centre where we have been loving the bee activities they have been hosting during the holidays.

Various bee related activities including magnets, crowns, finger puppets and gardens

Child Free Weekend

They don’t happen all that often but when they do I try to make the most. This time around it was a birthday celebration for my OH’s uncle who lives in Filey. He had a garden party complete with music from the local folk club (of which he is a member). We had a fantastic evening listening to them singing before heading back to our lodgings in Scarborough.

The following day we headed home via Wolds Way Lavender. This is somewhere I’ve always wanted to visit but never gotten around to as we usually have the kids with us. Needless to say the kids would have loved it.

Rainy Day Activities at Home

Since the summer deserted us for several days over the holidays we were forced to make our own entertainment at home with some fantastic crafts/activities to fit in with our weekly themes.

We made some fantastic treasure chests during Pirates and Princesses Week; had fun with some superhero puppets during Superhero Week. During Rainforest week and Space Week we made some fantastic cupcakes and Mythical Creatures Week saw us working on our mosaics.

Ignite Your Audience Summer School

At the end of July I signed up for You Baby Me Mummy’s free summer school course, Ignite Your Audience. I’ve learnt so much over the past five weeks and have plenty to keep me going once I get some extra time.

Ignite Your Audience workbook and supporting documents

As you can see we’ve had a hectic August. I’m now ready to get back to my normal routine, so keep reading to see what we have planned.

What have you been loving this month?

Debbie x


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