Hey there, well the school holidays are well underway and the kids are officially finished until September. I’m still holding out home that summer is just around the corner, although the weather seems to be a little unsure of the season.

It’s been a busy month behind the scenes here as I have been trying to get in front with everything ready for the kids being home, needless to say I haven’t achieved everything I had hoped but at least I tried.

So let’s see what July had in store for us, here’s what we’ve been loving throughout the month.

Fun Family Days Out

We’ve had some fantastic days out this month. We had a family get together and visited Newby Hall in North Yorkshire. It was a fantastic day and we all had a fabulous day out. We’re planning to go again and make a full day of it as we didn’t get chance to see everywhere on this visit.

Loving...July_Newby Hall

We also had a lovely weekend at the Emergency Services Open Day at Birkenshaw, near Bradford. This is the third year we have visited and it was as good as ever with lots to see and do.

Pontefract hosted the 22nd Liquorice Fair on the 10th July and we went along to see what was on. We had a great day wandering around the various stalls, many of which were selling liquorice themed items ranging from food and drink to craft and gifts. There was a lot for the kids to do too as well including fairground rides, face paining and craft activities.

My New Office

Although I’m not completely finished I love the fact I now have my own little space where I can store all my stuff and can get on with my work in piece without having to clear everything away at the end of the day if I don’t feel like it.

I still need to clear some of the clutter that has found it’s way in there (such as the ironing!) but I’m slowly making progress.

Choc Mint Frostinos

I had one of these for the first time in Costa a few weeks back and it may well be one of my favourite drinks of the summer. It’s like a refreshing and cooling explosion of tastiness with a hint of chocolate. I will definitely be having more before they come off the menu.

Well guys, that’s what I been enjoying throughout July. I’m just about ready for August¬†and the holidays, so keep reading to see what we have planned. ¬†What have you been loving this month?

Debbie x


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