Oh My Blog! Holiday Edition {Guest Post}


This is Oh My Blog!  A monthly blogging series that allows you to meet a fellow blogger and get their  opinions on a whole host of topics.

Since its July, there’s no better time to start talking about holidays, sunshine and getaways and this month it’s the turn of Lynn from Glasgow With Kids.

Summer is here! Are you going (or have you been) anywhere nice this year?

We went on a big trip in May over to visit family near DC, with a quick trip to NYC just me and hubs while the kids had fun with all their aunts, uncles, nanny & papa, and then a road trip with the kids down to the Smokey Mountains. It was pretty epic. No other big plans this year. We’ve got a house renovation instead.

Where is your favourite Summer holiday destination?

Oh man that’s a difficult one. The kids haven’t yet reached school age and we’ve never been traditional summer holidayers. We love a road trip, and the US has provided many amazing holidays. I’m not sure what we’ll end up doing when the kids start school. It’ll be a big change for us!

Do you prefer to spend your summer abroad or in the UK?

We tend to spend summer here and holiday abroad at other times of year. It’s never roasting and it’s sometimes pretty wet, but I do enjoy summer in Scotland.

Any holiday horror stories to report?

None, actually. We’ve never come across anything we couldn’t easily handle. Except the weather. It’s pretty hard to entertain toddlers when you’re abroad and it rains for 2 days straight and you can’t get out to do stuff.

If you do go on holiday, are you a “sit by the pool all day” kind or person, or a “we need to get out and explore” kind of tourist?

Most definitely “we need to get out and explore”. With the very occasional sit by the pool day.

Please help settle an argument. What is the earliest acceptable time to have a pre-holiday pint in the airport pub?

I personally can’t face alcohol before lunchtime but if tequila for breakfast is your thing, wire in.

How are you with flying? Love it, hate it or a bit nonplussed by it all?

Nonplussed by the actual flying part. The security and passport control and all the time consuming nonsense you have to go through at airports though: hate it. I wouldn’t fly at all if I didn’t like holidays so much.

What has been your favourite holiday that you’ve ever been on?

Our honeymoon was pretty amazing. We travelled the west coast of America, lots of New Zealand, a chunk of Australia and Hong Kong. I don’t think we’ll ever beat that.

Where would you absolutely love to go, that you haven’t been yet?

Top places are Japan, Croatia, Iceland, Yellowstone National Park & Italy. My list is quite extensive though…

What is your favourite summer holiday memory from when you were a kid?

Playing with my sister & cousins at the beach.

What is the first song on your summer anthems playlist?

Jessie’s Girl by Rick Springfield. It just reminds me of driving along a completely empty beach in a campervan and splashing in the sea. And what’s more summery than that?

Camping (be it in the wilderness or in your back garden when you were a kid). Your thoughts?

I’m totally up for camping. As long as it’s in style. None of this back broken on a solid floor for me. I really wanted to take my little lady camping this year while daddy and baby boy had some time together, but I’m secretly a bit of a scaredy cat so when it comes down to it I’d want us all to camp together. And I’m not camping with an 8 month old. Just, nope.

Do you tan easily, or are you a brilliant shade of toothpaste white wherever you go?

I do tan, but not easily. Apart from my face I’m mostly ghostly white. Until I get a little burned (accidentally of course). Only after that do I get a bit of colour.

What attraction or event would you recommend people go to this summer?

The Edinburgh fringe is amazing. Whether you go with kids or not, a trip to Edinburgh is so worth it. There are shows for everyone, no matter what age. And even just a trip through to Edinburgh for a wander around during festival season, seeing all the street performers, is a great experience.

Finally, let us have you best tip for a stress-free holiday?

For me the most stressful part of any holiday is packing to go. I have serious problems with packing light (in that I find it impossible). So my tip is to pack in advance, and be organised. I find this really difficult with kids around, but when you do have kids around it’s even more important!


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