Review: Marvel Universe! Live


On Sunday we took Corey to Sheffield Arena to see Marvel Universe! Live. I bought the tickets in March last year as a birthday present for him, and almost forgot about them until I saw the show advertised on social media.

The Venue

We had tickets for the lunchtime matinee at Sheffield Arena. We have been to the Arena on a number of occasions so were aware of the parking facilities and what to expect with regard to traffic. The doors opened at 11am and we arrived around 11.15 and parked in the arena car park. One thing we never considered was pre-booking parking – we would have saved £3 off the £10 parking charge if we’d have pre-booked.

We made our way towards the red doors just as it began to rain. Fortunately the queues were relatively short and quick moving so we were inside in under 5 minutes. After a quick toilet break we were ready to find our seats. Since Corey doesn’t really like big crowd of people so we avoided the overpriced merchandising stalls.

Once the crowds began to die down my OH made a quick food stop and returned with 2 massive hotdogs and a portion of chips. We paid £10 which I don’t think was too bad considering the size of the hotdogs.

The Show

The show started with a bang, literally, which saw Corey’s hotdog fly into the air and land in Rik’s lap. Other children burst into tears and left(some never returned). From that point on Corey spent a lot of the show with his hands over his ears. I began to wish we had taken some ear plugs for him as he was totally engrossed in the action.

The show is based around the Cosmic Cube, one of the most sought after treasures in the Marvel Universe, and the source of ultimate power. The show begins with Thor shattering the cube into tiny fragments to prevent it from falling into the wrong hands.

In order to defeat Loki, the Marvel Superheroes including Captain America, Ironman, Thor, Hulk, Spiderman and Wolverine must travel around the globe to find the fractals of the Cosmic Cube.

The show contains some amazing acrobatic stunts and motorcycle deft-defying feats. There were a few other loud bangs, gunfire and fireworks plus a great storyline with dialogue worthy of a movie.

It was great to hear the cheers from the crowd when the heroes appeared. We also had the obligatory boo’s for the villains.

Considering we are a family of DC geeks we all though the show was amazing and thoroughly enjoyed every minute.

Thanks for readying, until next time.

Debbie x


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