My Summer Bucket List – 7 Things I Want To Do This Summer

My Summer Bucket List – 7 Things I Want To Do This SummerTHIS POST MAY CONTAIN AFFILIATE LINKS

Summer officially arrived a couple of weeks ago (although the weather has still needs a reminder). I don’t know about you but, at each solstice, I find myself inspired to write list of things I want to achieve before the seasons change. So today I’ve decided to share with you my personal summer bucket list.

1. Go for a picnic in a park with my OH and kids

Assuming we haven’t missed the best of the summer I’m hoping that we can all pack up a picnic and head out to the park for the day.

2. Have a BBQ with friends and/or family

OK, so we personally don’t own a BBQ at the minute but we have plenty of family and friends that do so chances are that we will be attending at least one BBQ over the summer. If we don’t then we may just pick up a disposable one and have our own.

3. Finally use my ice-cream maker to make my own ice cream

I’ve had an ice cream maker sat in my cupboard for years and have never used it. I’ve decided that if I don’t use it this year it’s gone. Plus July is National Ice Cream month so what better excuse to mix up some gorgeous frozen desserts for everyone.

4. Go out for cocktails with friends

Leeds has some fabulous cocktail bars and many have happy hours on a Saturday afternoon. This is perfect as we get the best of both worlds – fantastic afternoon with friends and don’t spend a fortune.

5. Read 15 books (you can check on my progress over at My Eclectic Reads)

This challenge officially started at the beginning on June and I’m steadily working towards my target of reading 15 books between then and September.

6. Set up a proper home office/craft space

I mentioned my need for a home office/craft space in my July goals but I’m giving myself until September to get everything in and organised. I’ll consider my goal for July complete if I have a desk and chair.

7. Declutter all the rooms downstairs

Because we are now removing all the kids toys from the room they were in so I can have my own working space I think we are long overdue a cull of all the toys. I’m hoping to have a really good clear out in all of the rooms downstairs during summer so I can move onto upstairs before Christmas.

Do you have a summer bucket list? What kind of things are on yours?

Debbie x


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