Superhero Training at The Rainbow Factory

If you are looking for a fantastic day out that isn’t dependant on the weather than The Rainbow Factory in Leeds ticks all the boxes. We haven’t had the opportunity to visit since last year so were more than overdue another trip. All throughout the holidays they are running themed events and our visit fit in perfectly with our superhero theme.


There are exciting new themes each week of the holidays:

  • Circus: August 7th to 11th
  • Sci-Fi & Science: Aug 14th to 18th

  • Fantasy, Myths & Legends: Aug 21st to 25th

  • Mysteries, Spies & Detectives: Aug 28th to Sept 1

We chose the VIP Pass for the day which was £12.50 per child (adults go free!) and allowed us access to all of the activities throughout the day. Activities are scheduled every half an hour from 11.00am until 2.30pm and cover everything from science to arts and crafts.


What we got up to

After a brief introduction from the fantastic staff we started the day with some science activities with Storm. The first was all about controlling the weather; the second was exploding sandwich bags, both of which the kids loved and recreated at home for their Dad later in the week.



Picture shows a boy and a girl conducting a science experiment by adding shaving foam to a vase of water.
Adding the ‘clouds’
Photo shows a girl and a boy adding more shaving foam to the water in the vase
Then some more ‘clouds’
Photo shows a girl and a boy adding the 'rain' to the clouds in the form of red and blue food colouring
Adding some ‘rain’


Superhero Training

We had a quick break for lunch which we purchased from The Gingerbread Cafe before moving on to some heroes and villains training.


Photo shows a section of The Rainbow Factory all set up for some superhero training in the form of 'lasers' across the room
All set for some hero and villain training
Picture shows a giant head made from paper mache, in front of which is a 'volcano' made using various household items
Using a ‘volcano’ to steal the giant’s jewels


After the training we listened to Supertato before making our own Supertatoes. We then moved to the next room to make some superhero biscuits (which didn’t last long enough to get a photo) and undertake some further training, this time with marshmallow shooters.


After this it was time for the goodbye song before we headed home as fully trained superheroes.


The kids had a fantastic day and participated in almost all the activities hosted throughout the day.

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