My Top 5 Sunglasses for #NationalSunglassesDay

My Top 5 Sunglasses for #NationalSunglassesDayTHIS POST MAY CONTAIN AFFILIATE LINKS

Today is #NationalSunglassesDay, a lighthearted day created by the Vision Council to promote long-term eye health and the damage caused by UV rays from the sun.

For years I struggled between being able to see in the sun and being able to see full stop. You see as a spectacle wearer, the sun can cause major problems in the sight department. I even attempted to wear contact lenses so I could see and protect my eye. Nowadays I love my sunnies. I finally own a pair that suit me and can be fitted with prescription lenses.

On the opposite side of the spectrum are my kids and my OH. They are all fully fledged sunglasses addicts and each own several pairs.

Anyway, in honour of this day my family and I have pulled together our favourite sunglasses.

Ray-Ban Wayfarers

Wayfarers are one of the most iconic sunglasses on the planet. They are loved by everyone, myself included.

Ray-Ban Wayfarers

Oakley Conductor 8

My OH has gone for the Oakley Conductor 8. He loves his current Oakley sunglasses that we got while on our honeymoon in Las Vegas, and even after 13 years they are still going strong.

Oakley Conductor 8

Ray-Ban Aviators

My eldest went for the Aviators, another timeless classic suited to both men and women. That said since she is currently a student and only working part time I think she may have to settle for one of the many imitation pairs that are around at the minute.

Ray-Ban Aviators


Batman Sunglasses

These are a must for any Batman fan. Corey chose these as they would co-ordinate perfectly with every other item of Batman clothing he owns.

Kid Batman Sunglasses


Disney Frozen Girls Sunglasses

These are the choice of my youngest daughter, Anya. She’s a little late to the Frozen party but I can safely say that she is making up for it ready for the release of the second movie.
Girls Frozen Sunglasses

So these are our sunglasses choices. Let’s hope the weather stays like it has been so we can continue to enjoy wearing them.

Happy #NationalSunglassesDay everyone!



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