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Over Christmas I spent a lot of time thinking about my goals and plans for 2018. One thing that took up a lot of time was my word of the year.

A couple of years ago I decided to stop with the resolutions as I hardly ever stuck to them and year after year they were the same; lose weight, be happy and so on.

It seems I’m not alone in ditching the resolutions and it seems that having a word for the year is becoming more popular. Lots of the members of the fab blogging group I’m a member of have also chosen words to guide them towards their goals for both their business and personal lives.



Word of the Year

Choosing a word of the year isn’t an easy task, in fact I spent most of December going back and forth with various words until I found one that fit.

Previous years have been somewhat easier. In my first year, my word was IMPROVE and I applied it to every area of my life. Over the course of the year, although I didn’t hit all my goals, I did notice a huge difference.

Last year my word was CHANGE. Again I applied it to different areas of my life and used it in all my goals.

This year the word I have chosen FOCUS. I will be using this as my daily mantra to achieve my goals for the year.

It wasn’t until I came across this quote that my word of the year finally fell into place.

This quote totally resonated with me at the time as I truly felt as if 2017 did pass me by in a bit of a blur.



So, how do I intent to incorporate my word of the year into my life. Well there are several areas of my life that I need to focus on in order to move forward towards my goals.

Here are the areas that I want to work on throughout the year:


— Blog and business

— Home

— Overall health and well-being

— Social life and relationships


My blog and business

I love my blog but if I’m honest I’ve not really given it the attention it deserves. This year I want to focus on growing my blog and turning into a business.

I want to incorporate more structure to my days and stick to a consistent posting schedule. I also want to look at ways to get in front which will leave me more time to focus on my new business venture – ARC Virtual PA Services.

This is something I have been looking into for a while now and have decided that 2018 is the year I make it happen.


My home

I’m so fed up with our home at the minute. It’s cluttered and in dire need of some decorating. If I’m totally honest I don’t think I’m truly settled and I think this is having a knock on effect to the embarrassing state of our house.

I therefore given myself this year to focus on clearing the clutter and getting back on top of all the little things that have slipped. At the end of the year if I’m still not completely happy then I may need to review the situation.

My main focus will be decluttering EVERYWHERE and then working on updating some of the rooms with a coat of paint.


My overall health and well-being

Over the past 12 months I’ve noticed that my weight has been slowly creeping up on and I want to focus on making sure it doesn’t get out of control. I want to work on losing the weight I have gained (and then some) to hopefully reach my current target weight of 11½ stone. It didn’t help when I was looking at the photos for last weeks post and found one of me a few months after giving birth where I look several stone lighter than I do now.

I’m going to focus on meal planning, preparing healthy meals and increasing my levels of exercise — which are virtually non-existent at the minute.

I also want to focus on my mental health as I’ve noticed a huge fluctuation in my moods recently.

In order to improve things I’m hoping to make more time for me. This could be anything from taking myself off for my nails doing to reading. Due to the nature of my work I can spend most of my day working on my computer. This can leave me isolated at times to I want to try and get out more



My social life and relationships

I don’t get out with friends as much as I’d like so this year I’d like to focus on meeting up a little more often. As most of us are parents of young children it’s not always easy but I’m sure we can make it work.

I also want to focus on my marriage. I have a pretty good relationship overall but it’s one of the first areas to be neglected when things get hectic. As I have a lot of big plans for the year I want to ensure that this doesn’t happen and I’m aiming to incorporate regular date nights without the kids where we can focus on us.


As you can see I have some pretty big goals for the coming year but by applying my word of the year — focus — I’m confident that I will be heading in the right direction even if I don’t hit all my targets.


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